Indians never had a haircut. Reason forced to move your hair!

Our culture leads people to believe that hair style is just a matter of fashion and personal preference. Her choice of standard cosmetic problem. But actually, this is a very limited view of things.

In the early nineties, American Sally was married to a licensed psychologist who has worked in the VA Medical hospital. His clients were veterans coming from war zones. These people for the first time faced with post-traumatic stress disorder. Most of them served in Vietnam.

Sally says: "I well remember the evening when her husband came home from work with a large and thick folder in his hands. It was hundreds of pages of research results, commissioned by the government. He was shocked by what she read. In the end, it completely changed our lives.

My husband, who all his life was a conservative, grew his hair and beard. And never went to the hairdresser! Moreover, employees of VA Medical center where he worked, followed his example. And it is very, very conservative people. When I read these documents, I realized why."

Seventy one million seven hundred seven thousand five hundred ninety five

During the war in Vietnam, the American "special forces" from the military combed with scientists American Indian reservation. They were looking for talented scouts, strong young men who know how to move stealthily through rough terrain.

Special emphasis was placed on men who were considered the tribe as having supernatural abilities of the scout. Was carefully selected, documents of all future soldiers copied and preserved. Experts chose the best.

Then they were made of recruits of special troops. Of course, all shaved their heads. And then there was something truly amazing. Whatever talents and skills of the Indians in the past, it all disappeared when they got to the front. They did not meet expectations.

The government has decided that it is necessary to find the cause. And spent on relevant research, tens of millions of dollars. Data have consistently proven that the reason is in a military haircut. The Indians lost their super-talent with hair! All they do, by the way, complained that they lost access to their "sixth sense" and "intuition" is no more.

Scientists came to the conclusion that hair keep these "thin" feeling, and give access to extrasensory information.

A secret research center, the Pentagon began to find other Indian "guides" and experience them in full. I got a set of special tests. And then everyone cut their hair shorter and shorter — in stages. It turned out that along with the hair the Indians lose their "special relationship" with the world.

Those who has passed the tests with all their hair, could not obtain even "satisfactory" after they shaved my head.

Then their hypothesis, the researchers began to check on "ordinary" Americans, the descendants of Europeans.

Here is an example of such a test:

The rookie is sleeping in the woods. Armed "enemy" is approaching. Whether it is time to Wake up?

The test results showed that the "hairy" people are awakening quickly, and with a strong sense of danger inside. They know that the enemy is close, long before could see or hear.

For the owners of the short military haircuts of this ability: they are easy to get yourself killed.

Moreover, if one coped with the test sensitivity sleep, shave hair, it will turn into the usual "reckless" soldier.

According to the results of its examination, the scientists advised the military to release soldiers-Indians from having a military haircut. The Council followed, but chose to the public about these experiments knew nothing.

The mammalian body has evolved for millions of years. The survival skills possessed by people who sometimes seem almost supernatural. Science continually finds more and more evidence of the amazing abilities of humans and animals in terms of survival. In the work by "scanning" the surrounding space for potential threats involved almost all cells of the body.

Hair is a continuation of the General nervous system

Evolution made them "feelers" or "antennae" that receive a lot of information from the surrounding space and, if necessary, transmit it to the brain stem. Where information has already become the subject of the work of the limbic system and the cerebral cortex.

Long hair and men and women provide them with broad information highway with the outside world. Confirmation of this fact appeared even in scientific literature.

When you get rid of your long hair because you with them "uncomfortable", depriving themselves of the opportunity of closer ties with the environment. You literally lose touch with the world.

Some scholars even suggest that the habit of cutting hair was the cause of all ills in our common ecosystem. This was a factor contributing to the growth of alienation between human beings and sexual dissatisfaction.


If you are not heavily burdened the need to maintain a healthy long hair, try to get rid of them.

All the rest may be advisable to pay attention to how it changes your sense of unity with the world in a barbershop. Her head is "exempted", "cleared", "getting easier", but at the same time there is a feeling that something is missing. And what — is not clear.

By the way, proof of this theory is in the Bible. The story of Samson and Delilah tells us that Samson shaved his hair, and it is still considered invincible warrior, broke in battle.

Christian books are generally a lot of these "coded truths".published 


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