Olga Butakova: the TOP 30 ways to get cancer!

So, bad advice:

1. Lead a sedentary lifestyle. Lie on the couch and not move! The less you move, the more stagnant processes occur in the body. The worse the blood and lymph circulation.

For reference: live in the lymph lymphocytes, our helpers, and the only natural killers of cancer. And the movement of lymph depends solely muscle contractions).

2. Visit the Solarium, go to Turkey or Egypt to get a tan under the scorching rays of the sun. Still not found the best way to get skin cancer. Even though Arab women in chadors go.

3. Choose a place of residence near high voltage power line. It is a wonderful method of suicide. It is also useful to live on the polluted street to avoid access of fresh air. Preferably, day or night. The best of the city — St. Petersburg (champion of cancer), Moscow, Chelyabinsk oblast, Murmansk. Oh yeah, I forgot! Still it is useful to breathe air saturated with chemical vapors.


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4. Use of microwave ovens, warm backrest on the Nuga best infrared radiation, because it is good to go to an infrared sauna, ultrasound, often do x-rays, to speak as much as possible on your cell phone to fall asleep in the arms of the computer and the TV never turned off. These methods work perfectly well. Oh yeah, any protective devices from the harmful radiation is not necessary! They reduce the risk by as much as half.

5. Eat all the fried everything. Never eat raw vegetables and fruits. Even under pain of death. They have a lot of vitamins and enzymes, and it is dangerous for the healthy development of your future tumors.

Help: vitamins and enzymes strengthen the immune system.

6. Do not drink water. Never. Especially alive and alkaline. Especially the coral. Drinks should only be sour. Because the acidification of the body is in the mode of suicide and creates favorable conditions for the development of the tumor. Coca-Cola and juices from packages – it's great!

Help :upon acidification of the body almost to zero reduces the mobility of the lymphocytes. The immune system is not working.

7. Eat drugs aloe and vitamin b and C in large quantities. The tumor is really like.

8. Of course never use tools that enhance the immune system. And even know about them indecent!

9. Don't miss the opportunity to go left or right. Promiscuous is the best way to gain mass oncobasidium infections. As 100% proven that the viruses that are transmitted sexually are the best friends to cancer. Especially papillomavirus, genital herpes, hepatitis C and Epstein - Bar.

10. Regularly medications, all prescribed by a doctor and all that you yourself have written. Especially birth control pills and strong antibiotics. Very efficient work!

For reference: hormones reduced immunity. And immunity is our only protection from cancer. Here is an example — pregnant women have increased hormone levels and thus reduced immunity in order to avoid rejection of the fetus. But with organ transplants hormones have to drink for life, otherwise the immune system will destroy them.
Antibiotics are dangerous because they cause rapid growth of fungi, which increase the acidity in the body. The immune system and increasing the acidity is almost not working.

11. Go for a medical procedure and never wear a protective bandage in places where infectious patients. What so ever and will be.

12. Eat only in the supermarket, where all the food contains preservatives, especially effective Е125, 510, 513, 527. Great help to the development of cancer.

13. Never make your garden even on a balcony and not buy environmentally friendly products. Only the supermarket! Because herbicides when injected into animal feed produce xenoestrogen is a wonderful way to boost the growth of the tumor.

14. Smoking on health the more the better, smokes a very large number of carcinogenic soot. Sorgoleone!

15. Alcohol is sacred! Not even discussed.

Help: alcohol thickens the blood and the immune system is not working.

16. Eat chicken, it's loaded with growth hormones, which also lead to the growth of your future tumors. However pork is also... And never steep the meat before cooking, should not be allowed to hormones dissolved in the water.

17. Eat white sugar – no better fertilizer for the rapid growth of the tumor. Eat it a lot! Never use honey and fruit sugar. They are less dangerous.

Help :absolutely proven that glucose, which is contained in the white sugar, it feeds cancer.

18. Drink coffee 3 cups a day, cancer will come in 2 times faster! Especially in women by 68% increased risk of developing breast cancer. Just super!

19. Women never feed the kids chest! The chest should be protected. And then the risk of cancer of the breast will increase in 6 times!

20. In England, the lack of amino acids supplied on the first place among the causes of cancer! Therefore, do not eat complete protein foods, especially in the form of dietary Supplements.

The disadvantage of such amino acids as an active meteonin takes an almost guaranteed appearance of cancer. Because meteonin has the ability to remove inflammation.

Help: I also want to add that amino acids are built from our defenders against cancer cells. And do not feed them — is just silly.

21. Eat as much vegetable oil, it contains a large amount of polyunsaturated arachidonic fatty acids. It helps to cause inflammation. And excess also leads to a decrease in active methionine. This is a great way to grow the tumor in a short time. Never eat olive and Flaxseed oil — there are arachidonic acid, no!

22. Never clean the body of parasites, especially safe methods. It is proved that such a Baddy as Trichomonas, Giardia, Toxocara opisthorchis, Toxoplasma cause liver cancer. Worms is, of course, make friends with worms!

23. And of course, nervous to health! The more the better. Under stress the energy goes out... Thus we will be able to deprive cells of energy on and off the immune system. Moreover, cells deprived of energy include mechanism secretarii – then there is a "lock repair DNA." And lymphocyte notices of mutations! In connection with the above, never take a sedative in times of stress, especially if you can select safe and natural.

24. Of course need a massage, because it allows metastases to spread throughout the body. Vibratory massage is also nice.

25. The teeth should be cleaned only paste with fluoride. She has a very strong carcinogenic property. Amazing stimulator of cancer.

26. Use makeup, it always contains preservatives. Exceptionally carcinogenic sodium benzoate. The exclusive means for suicide! Contains in a huge range of cosmetic products.

27. Eat plenty of meats (you can also eat sprat), it contains the strongest carcinogen benzopyrene, which is a wonderful way of causing cancer.

28. Eat a lot of salt. Don't need to know the steps if I want to! Salt actively displays the body of water. The blood becomes dehydrated and thick. The lymphocytes lose their mobility. Immunity tends to zero!

29. Eat yeast bread. There are a lot of mushrooms, their spores do not sink in water, does not freeze even at the North pole and not burning in open hearth furnaces (almost true). Mushrooms create an acidic environment, thus actively contributing to cancer. Also useful all moldy food, particularly nuts. In this mold a lot of aflatoxin – a powerful carcinogen.

30. Useful vinegar, chips, fast food acidification and contain a remarkably strong carcinogens.

(In the preparation of these bad advice used the report in Oncology at 517 pages, submitted by the world Organization of Health, with statistical studies on 11 countries of the world.) published 

Author: Olga Butakova


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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