Men in relationships depending on the sign of the Zodiac

For anybody not a secret that our Zodiac sign has a specific effect on our personality. So the people who were born under the same constellation are clearly visible similarities in behavior.

Today we want to talk to you about men and their Zodiac signs. We invite you to learn what they are in relations according to their Zodiac sign.


RAMThirty six million five hundred eight thousand ninety four


If you really like man-RAM, he will try to win you over by any means. Here and flowers, and the art of courtship, and a small flash of jealousy. But no roses without thorns does not happen: be prepared for the fact that the sex life of Aries people enjoy variety. It will not be — there will be no happiness.But if he's with you, but love not talking, then, believe me, he will give you to feel it. In such situations, men rams are starting to show character and get annoyed for any reason. One serious offense and you will lose him forever. But do not think that this will all end. After breaking up he will tell everyone about you bad things and gossip.




Forty eight million eight hundred fifty eight thousand ten


This type of men often called serial killers. They give the impression of a silent and calm people, but in reality it is not so. If they get angry, they immediately forget about any civility and self-love. One misstep and they will immediately remind you of the events of bygone days. Try to tell him smaller. You don't want every disagreement he sprinkled salt on started to heal the wounds?



Forty three million six hundred ten thousand two hundred ninety nine


Gemini lovers will go to any sacrifice and overcome all obstacles. But all the pros negate the infinite flash of jealousy and tendency to unhealthy relationship. They are extremely smart, but incredibly tricky. With such need to keep an eye on.



Twenty three million twenty thousand nine hundred eighty six


Male-cancers "bad boys" do not call, so high demand they usually do not use. These men are not scandals, intrigues, surprises and unpredictable behavior is also not their strong point. Portrait cancer is simple: it is always calm, taciturn, level-headed and not causing others harm people. Jealous and sensitive. Life with these can easily turn into a routine.



Eighty six million six hundred fifteen thousand fifty five


Lions are always in the crowd. They are elegant and extravagant. Girls fall in love with and lightning fast, but they would be better to hold back his enthusiasm. The reasons are many. They are jealous, and arrogant, but most importantly — terrible owners. Will have to report everything and to be with him 24 hours a day — are you ready for such an eventuality?



Eighty six million six hundred seventeen thousand eight hundred forty eight


Do not hurry to disassemble the bag, it can be useful in case you run out. A run might have to, because male virgin very high opinion of himself and defies control. Their hobby — to make the complex simple and turning flies into elephants. In addition, they are terrible pedants, tidy, never late and more than anything appreciate the discipline.



Six million eight hundred thirty eight thousand two hundred two


Aesthetes and nice people. A little bit romantic. In General, it would seem ideal. But a clear decision to not wait, as they are very indecisive and like to weigh everything thoroughly. For example, after a wonderful evening together, it may not respond to any of your message, although it will "hang line". In General, leave these characters lovers of puzzles and puzzles.



Three million five hundred seventeen thousand seven hundred seventy nine


Cooler men-Scorpions there is perhaps one. Fast, charismatic, sexy, gentle, but...can suddenly sting. However, they have so many advantages that such a little less you can just close your eyes.



Thirty three million eight hundred sixty five thousand one hundred sixty two


Cultural, conscientious, friendly, but very loyal to their interests, and Hobbies. They need time and freedom, so the girls who are counting on a lot of attention, on a long-term relationship you can forget. Scandals and abuse in such a situation is inevitable. Oh, and don't buy him expensive gifts — the appetite comes while eating


Sixteen million three hundred ninety seven thousand eight hundred sixty seven


Disciplined, hardworking, successful people always set an example. The role of the groom is better not to find! They are a great couple, but in cases of dispute an apology from them it is difficult to achieve. Hopefully, lucky star will accompany them always, because in times of problems and failures these men become absolutely unbearable.



Seventy three million five hundred thirty thousand eight hundred twenty four


On the one hand, faithful and loyal, always willing to help, lovers of everything new. But on the other hand, might open suddenly what you never knew existed. So, one fine day you discover that he's listening to your phone conversations and looking at your message. And if he finds something incriminating, hold on! To convince him otherwise and to prove otherwise would be extremely difficult…



Ninety one million nine hundred five thousand three hundred ninety two


Polite, kind and helpful, the dreamers. Men - fish are incredibly sensitive. Should cause a little harm their delicate mental organization, as they get upset and depressed. They are cool and calm, so the hot sexual experimentation can be almost not hope. Can say goodbye to you without an apparent reason, because of their own shyness and insecurity. In short, the relationship with this young man will need to work on…

In General, lovely ladies is safely possible to take all the above written note. Now you know approximately what to expect from men of different Zodiac signs. published 


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