Russia announced the world's first ban on imports of GMO-containing products

In his new article, doctor of political Sciences at Princeton University and a regular columnist NVO William Engdahl notes that Russia was the first country that followed the ban on cultivation of GMO-containing foods has announced a ban on the import of soybeans and corn from the United States, due to the fact that almost the entire U.S. market flooded with foods containing GMOs.


These crops are used around the world for feeding livestock due to its high content of protein in GMO-containing legumes. However, the consequences to human health after such a "diet" can be catastrophic.

The author notes that the annual damage to the Russian economy from such products exceeds $ 100 million.

Russia became the first country to declare such measures. For example,in China, about 60% beans contain GMOs, despite a ban on cultivation of such products. SUBSCRIBE to OUR youtube channel that allows you to watch online, download from YouTube free video about the recovery, the rejuvenation of man. Love for others and ourselves,
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It can be expected that soon the example of Russia followed by other States. It will inflict significant damage to U.S. agricultural giants who deliberately put an extremely dangerous to human health products abroad.published


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