How to grow a bumper crop Orucov

Currently bred new hybrids of cucumbers, which are growing on the EM technology it is possible to grow crops of high quality fruit up to 30 kg per Bush per season.

How to achieve these yields?

1) Buy the seeds of cucumbers with beam location of the ovaries. (F1 Geyser, F1 Mother-in-law, son-in-law F1, F1 Piccolo F1 Seven dwarfs, F1 Avalanche or other)

2) a month before planting, prepare a warm bed with the use of EM products ("the Shining", "Baikal EM1")

3) When planting, consider the future size of the hive, depending on the method forming

4) Match the plant timely and correctly.

5) Keep a bed under a layer of mulch, adding it every week. And directly near the plants 1 time in seven days, lay a mulch of shredded nettles.

6) Pour the warm bed infusion or extract of the herbs, prepared according to EM technology.

7) Spray the plants with an EM preparations of 1 times a week.

8) 1 in every 3-4 weeks to boost immunity spray the plants with a cocktail (20 pellets "Healthy garden", 20 pellets "Amberin" 1 tablespoon "Shining" or "Baikal EM-1" per 10 liters of water)

9) Fertilize the cucumbers with trace elements using the chelate for cucumbers. Consumption of fertilizers 25 ml to 10l., paid in the form of out-root additional fertilizing by spraying the plants.

While growing these cucumbers pay attention to the appearance of the plants.

1) If the lower leaves begin to turn yellow, the whips are slow to grow and the cucumbers are wedge-shaped, the plant lacks nitrogen.

2) If the leaves are small dark green wither and fall off, and the lashes do not grow, there is a lack of phosphorus.

3) the Sheets have a light border on the edge, and fading in the heat indicate a lack of potassium.

4) a Dome-like shape of the leaves of the middle layer tells about the lack of calcium.

5) If the leaves of the middle and upper tiers appear white spots(chlorosis), not enough trace elements and iron. It can result from acidic or too alkaline soil.

To preserve the strength of the plant should be forming the same way as for conventional self-pollinated varieties of cucumbers. In addition, it's also important to collect cucumbers. The smaller and younger gather the cucumbers, the more same fruits you will gather from this plant.published by P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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