The most successful anticancer diet in the world

These are the main principles of healing according to Evgeny Lebedev. It is known that worms and other parasites "are in desperate need of three organic compounds: cholesterol, sex hormones (parasites themselves asexual and reproduce they need sex hormones), sterols (growth hormones contained in the meat of animals, and especially many of them in imported meat)". Without these connections are unable to build their body dwelleth in us "predators". And if we give up animal foods, you are depriving them of food.

So the first tip Evgeny Lebedev: if you want to cure cancer, then discard meat and dairy products. Especially those sold in the shops: they are stuffed with hormones, antibiotics and all kinds of infection.

Eugene G. was outraged that oncologists advise patients to consume meat and broths, prescribe hormone medicines like specifically to encourage the growth of tumors and metastases.

One more principle. Weakened by parasites the body is starved of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, which are very few in our food, which consists mainly of surrogates. To fill this shortage is simple: we must abandon the surrogates go to vegetable food, rich in vitamins. It is important to buy a juicer and make juice of four or five types of vegetables and fruits (carrots, beets, zucchini, Apple, orange and so on), which contains more than 600 kinds of nutrients. Drink them freshly prepared and not less than 400 grams per day.

Living in us, the parasites do not like bitter teas and infusions of herbs – wormwood, tansy, St. John's wort and others. So wishing to get well will have to drink the juice, pleasant to the taste, but disgusting bitterness.

A great means of enhancing immunity, is dosed cold. Evgeny Lebedev offers a very simple procedure is to undress to cowards and to go out on the balcony in the cold season: the first day – for a minute, then two, and so on. After returning from the balcony home to wrap myself in a warm blanket and a good warm up. After a few days of such procedures, the body begins to throw away that had accumulated there over many years harmful substances and different kinds of infection through the skin where there are abundant rash. To strengthen these emissions from diseased organs, Eugene G. offers to make compresses from cheese, of a solution of magnesium oxide, copper sulfate and other substances that "love" infection. As a rule, the tumors soften, increase in size, and burst out with pus through fistula.

These examples may suffice to understand the General principles of rehabilitation for Lebedev. Please note: I gave it not for the fact that patients rushed to put into practice these scraps of knowledge, and to understand what distinguishes this approach from the conventional "treatment" of cancer. If they did Evgeny Lebedev and wants to check his system, you will know what and where to look. published


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