All of the Soviet filmstrips digitized and put into the Network until the end of 2016

I think Geektimes many of those who caught at the time the filmstrips. I found as a child, watching them almost every day. And although many knew almost by heart, to view these films I didn't bother. Made these stories was very good for its time, including the storyline and the artwork. Yes, and the process of preparing the projector to work, its warm, the particular smell, the atmosphere-safe — all loved it.


Filmstrips, surprisingly, does not die with time, and even phones with computers did not destroy the slides as a class. In contrast, for PC and phones are available programs that simulate the demonstration slides showing digitized versions of the films of that time. And now is a great time of nostalgia — the Russian state library is going to digitize all the slides, which she has. And this, for a moment — about 16 thousand films.

Now RGDB for over a hundred digitized slides. Work in full swing.



Remember these intros at the beginning of the film?

"Fill up a collection of filmstrips films of the early 1970-ies from the collection RGDB. Tales (not only Russian), legends, history, fantastic, fun and instructive, educational materials, filmstrips never cease to amaze with the variety! We hope that high quality images and ease of control make pleasant viewing!", according to the website of the library.

By the way, as it turned out, the film strips are not hundred and one thousand, and as many as 16,000 films. And all their plans to digitize until the end of 2016. For this technology, whereby digitized 1,500 works.published


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