It was the most positive images in my childhood: the history of the Soviet filmstrips.

Come for a moment to remember their carefree childhood. What associations emerge immediately in your head? The greatest happiness of my childhood were filmstrips - a series of 20-50 positive images with a common theme.

In a fit of nostalgia for bygone childhood editors have decided for a moment to go back to that happy time when the whole family gathered at the white cloth that served as a screen. Happy viewing!

is now hard to imagine that even 20-30 years ago cute pictures with short text below could replace the television cartoons. Filmstrips were both color and black and white. They demonstrated on the sheet, light wallpaper, whitewashed walls.

Filmstrip called the film 20-50 frames with a series of images (slides). They are all united by a common theme in a short film. Filmstrips are somewhat similar to comics, cartoons static, book illustrations, but still refer to an individual art.

Reviving the images and atmosphere of "home theater" made of filmstrips for nothing like fun, a niche in which works have been used dozens of artists of the time. More than one generation has grown to these tales and stories, carefully storing and transmitting inherited a rich collection of transparencies films.

Filmstrips were very popular in the USSR. They were used not only in ordinary daily life, but also for the education of children and students. These were not just short cartoons or fairy tales ...

... But quite capacious scientific materials and teaching aids.

We project them using filmoskop at a white wall or screen.

Filmstrips appeared earlier cinema and even photos. The earliest devices - fairy lights that appeared at the beginning of the XVI century. Their design principles were not significantly different from overhead projectors of the XX century.

There are now digitized film strips that can be recorded on a flash card or hard disk and play with a normal projector. Such filmstrips you can also watch online on thematic sites. But I think the new technology can not replace the magic "magic lantern", because the world filmstrip - this is something unique.

Looking at these pictures, I feel acute nostalgia for that old-fashioned genre. These images have become part of the lives of our mothers and fathers, grandparents, and a part of our happy childhood. If you are plunged into the pleasant memories that recalled the filmstrip your friends simply share the article.



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