Saudis set refrigerator with food in the street. The reason for that - very touching!

Despite the fact that we live in the developed world today, call it perfect not dare. The world community a lot of problems. For example, it has not solved the problem of hunger. A huge number of people still die because they have nothing to eat. But unsecured, who are lucky a little more, we have to stoop and look for food in garbage cans. One of the Saudis decided to ease their little share. He put his house at the refrigerator, which is filled with food, and encouraged to do the same all its neighbors. Needy people can just come and take they need food, not falling at the same time to search for food among the waste.

This man wished to remain anonymous, because he believes that good must be selfless ... but learned about his actions in the world. Sheikh Muhammad Al-Arifi told this act in his account. These actions are inspired Muslims in other countries. Showered with the idea that such refrigerators can be placed near a mosque. And this example does not go unnoticed. All over the world there were refrigerators with food for the poor. For example, here's a picture of the unit, installed in the courtyard of a mosque in Kazan.

Thus, one small act of kindness can show to people all over the world, you need to think not only about themselves but also about others. In my opinion, this story is really able to inspire good deeds. If you agree with me, then tell me about it to their friends using social networks.



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