Sanitary pumps: the variety for any task

Layout and equipment of toilets, bathrooms, kitchens and any premises that require sewage removal, often turns into difficult to resolve the problem due to the fact that the sewer riser is located at a considerable distance or are unable to mount the supply to it of the pipe at the desired slope. And owners of country houses are often placed Laundry room or a bathroom in the basement or the ground floor – that is, below the level of the main sewer pipe.

The project "Laundry in the basement," ceases to be a problem and require costly works, when using the sewage pump or pumping station – a huge number of them are now on the market. Let's face it, for what purpose, suitable types and models of pumps. For example, take the model of the French company SFA. This is the manufacturer at the time developed and released to market the first pumps, grinders, and currently holds a leading position in the global sanitary-technical equipment. In addition, SFA produced a range of pumps for a variety of tasks and different types of rooms (kitchen, bathroom, technical room, Laundry, etc.).

Eighteen million nine hundred sixty seven thousand seven hundred

So, the first group of pump solutions for bathrooms and toilets. To connect to a single bowl are ideal fecal pumps, grinders compact variants. For example, model SANIACCESS 1 to connect the toilet from SFA provides maximum pumping horizontally up to 100 metres and vertically up to five metres. In this case, the pump – compact size of "box" mounted behind the toilet, practically "stealing" valuable space and not attracting attention.

Pumping of sewage to such units will automatically fire during the descent in the toilet water. Crushed sewage in the pump and then pressure is displayed in the sewers through the pipes of small diameter 22, 28, 32 mm (wall thickness 1,5-2 mm).

Because the range of models provides a variety of options to connect different groups of equipment in different configurations from the owner of a house or apartment always have the opportunity to stay on the best option to suit your needs. For example, model SANIACCESS 3 provides already a connection, and toilet and wash basin, and shower, and a bidet.

Option for bathrooms and toilets small space – combined equipment. This, for example, toilets with built in pumps-grinder. Depending on model they can be both outdoor construction and suspension for fastening to the wall to save space. Another solution for aesthetic and unobtrusive organization of sewage in the bathroom – versatile mounting with built-in pump.

If necessary, drain the soul of the organization also have the opportunity to pick up the unit under the specified conditions. Very comfortable turnkey solutions – model flat shower trays with built-in pumps. For different types of showers you can use suction pumps with different types of siphons or drain of the headset. For example, the pump model allows Sanifloor shower set with flat tray and flush with the floor, with the ladder – even in the absence of a gravity drain. This pump is also equipped with automatic equipment: built-in-trap detector is triggered when the flow of water and starts the process of pumping wastewater from the siphon to the pump, and then remove them into the sewer.

Thirty one million nine hundred twenty four thousand one hundred sixty five

An important point that you need to be sure to pay attention to when choosing a pump for your home or apartment, not all models are suitable for pumping of high temperature water. Have sewage pumps with macerator for toilets and wash basins or showers, as a rule, the average effluent temperature is + 35°C.

Another thing – specially selected sanitary pump, allowing you to connect it not only draining from the sink, tub, shower or sink, but the taps dishwasher and washing machine. In these models, the maximum temperature of the effluents can reach up to +75 °C, and sometimes higher. What else is good "kitchen" complexes, it's the fact that they adapt to any decor, easily hiding in a Cabinet or closet, allowing you to set, for example, the sink unit or dishwasher anywhere in the kitchen.

A separate group of models with high-powered pumps designed for complex tasks – it is the whole analiziruyutsya station, designed for intensive use and is able to successfully serve the needs of a large country house, or perhaps a cafe. This unit is connected to all sources of liquid effluent, which can reach 8-10 – this can be plumbing, appliances and dishwasher, and a washing machine. In these units, diverting all water building to the sewer, as a rule, storage tank, solid volumes, resulting in high productivity.

So, the new model of the pumping station Sanicubic 2 XL has a storage tank of 120 liters and a diameter of the bilge pipe of 100 mm. Two engine, activated alternately, provide not only a highly efficient sewage from the dwelling, but also save energy. The station is able to pump out and raise the runoff in the 100 meters in the horizontal direction or up to 13 meters vertically.

Sixty million seven hundred sixty nine thousand eight hundred eighty seven

It should be added that the pumping station from respectable manufacturers are additionally equipped with a lot of important options like remote control unit, and protective systems with the ability to connect alarm actuated in the event of a failure or clogging of the system. Another important feature of the sanitary equipment from market leaders – these pumps meet all modern safety standards and are certified in accordance with European and international environmental regulations. published  


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