New technology can improve the efficiency of fuel cells at 4 times

Here's something you might not know about the humble cactus: on its surface are tiny cracks that open in the night time when the environment becomes more humid, it allows him to absorb moisture.

During the day, these cracks are closed, keeping the moisture inside.

After reviewing this process, the researchers applied the same principle to the membrane, which could make fuel cells more viable option for the propulsion of the vehicle.

Proton exchange membrane for fuel cells should remain gidratirovana in order to continue working. This means that when it is used in automobiles, it should be installed together with the radiator, water tank and humidifier. These items take up space, in addition, they consume energy.

In order to finally deal with all the extra "things", researchers from the Australian organization CSIRO (the State Association scientific and applied research) and Hanyang University in Korea has decided to copy the method from the cactus.

They created the membrane that surrounds the fuel cell. When the water formed by chemical reaction, it is absorbed by the element, passing through tiny pores in the membrane. As soon as the environment becomes drier, the pores constrict, keeping the water from evaporation. In extremely hot conditions, the technology can improve the efficiency of fuel cells is about four times.

"At the moment, one of the main obstacles to the full implementation of electric vehicles on fuel cells is water and heat management in fuel cell systems," says Professor young Moo Lee, Young Moo Lee, who led the project. "Our study examines this obstacle, with the result that we're one step closer to electric vehicles for fuel cells, which will become widely available." published


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