Women at a time spend on the Internet more than men

We found out how the Russians make online payments depending on gender, occupation, mobile platforms and the availability of credit. The service used the Crypt - the technology of Yandex, able to select the groups of users according to their browsing behavior. Takes into account data on payments from e-wallet tied to a Bank card, and MasterCard from Yandex.Money.

Women and men

Payment behavior men and women differ. Women commit one and a half times more payments than men, at a time and spend about 15% more money. Remittances from women leaving 23% of the funds from all of their payments through Yandex.Money and men — 19%. With the cards linked to electronic wallets, women list the 6% of the funds from the card to the Yandex.Money — 15%, the rest of the wallets. Men spend with Bank cards 5% of all their expenses through the service, and Yandex maps.Money — 12%.

Users of iOS and Android

The average payment to the owners of smartphones and tablets with iOS at 21% more than those who chose Android and 1275 1053 rubles respectively. Users of both platforms pay via the Internet with approximately the same frequency: the first commit for the year, an average of only four payments less than a second.

Remittances from fans of iOS and Android are equally popular: they are sent for 40% of users in each group. They spend approximately the same part of the funds — about 20% of all its costs through service.published


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