Unusual hospital for "prickly" patients.

The two-day kid named Hani - one of twenty-two patients unusual hospital, which for more than a decade back to life prickly inhabitants of gardens, lawn mower blades affected by or under the wheels of cars. Mother of this tiny hedgehog will rehabilitation after the accident, and he was - hand-feeding a special blend for newborns. Shelter and at the same time a hospital for hedgehogs Founded in 2001, resident of Manchester Barbara Roberts. It is so concerned about the increased number of accidents that take lives or make disabled defenseless creatures that wrote and sent to owners of gardens of this petition.
In his address, she asks all who use lawn mowers, only one thing - be careful. "If we do not notice how daily cripple dozens of hedgehogs in our gardens and on roads by 2025 they will completely disappear from our lives" - warns Barbara Roberts. Each of entering the hospital prickly "patients" necessarily give a name. Among those who came here recently, there is Willy, Charlotte, Brad, Basil and Roger. All urchins who have undergone rehabilitation, then returned to their natural habitat. An important point to which pay attention to the employees of the hospital - to wean the animal from contact with people. "As soon as prickly hedgehog curls up in a ball of a human presence, it becomes clear - it is ready for independent living" - says the founder of the orphanage.


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