You have to know! The true causes of malocclusion

Currently, the increasing trend towards specialized medicine, unfortunately, has almost lost the holistic view on the human body. Modern dentistry is also not an exception. Problems such as bite correction and teeth alignment became isolated industry, do not take into account the many relationships between body structures.

This situation requires fundamental changes in approaches and views on the pathological changes occurring in the body. And here to the aid can come osteopathy is a modern method of influence on the whole body, perceiving the person as a system of interconnected organs and systems.

A problem such as an overbite, is formed since childhood. If the child is long sucked a pacifier, fingers, biting his nails or foreign objects, the search for the cause of "crooked teeth", as a rule, on it and stops, followed by the installation plate, then braces, and after all these long events, the problem moves on headaches, neck pain, curvature of the spine and chronic fatigue.

Moreover, even after the bite is corrected after a couple of years, there may come a return of the symptoms when the teeth will again start to take the wrong position.

Like walking in circles it is possible to avoid if to consider the growing body of a child as a holistic and self-sufficient system. This approach uses a method osteoplastica.

This is a recreation area, frolic of osteopathy, enables correction of violations not enforced by bringing them into the correct position, and by strengthening the forces of self-regulation body, to ensure optimal conditions for recovery of the physiological relationship of organs and structures.

Without stopping the attention exclusively on the upper or lower jaw, taking into account the state of nearby organs and spine, it is possible to identify the true cause of disturbed occlusion and irregular teeth alignment.

The method of layer-by-layer palpation specialist determines the direction of tension in the body, the displacement of the vertebrae or internal organs, finds the key the affected area, which the body needs to adjust first.

Work osteopath tells the body what to do to restore the balance that helps the self-regulation system to release the body from tension and spasms, strengthens the growing body for proper growth and development of all tissues, including teeth.

Similarly, how malocclusion can affect the condition of the spine, skull, neck structures, and scoliosis, chronic gastroduodenitis or adenoids can hamper the normal development of the jaw due to fascial tension and the deterioration of lymphatic drainage.

The primary task is to identify the source of suffering to eliminate mechanical compression and displacement of internal organs to create the conditions for good blood circulation and normal muscle tone of the neck.


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Pass osteopathic correction is recommended before the start of orthodontic treatment to prepare the body to correct the bite. Because any intervention of orthodontists is a serious challenge for the body to visit a specialist osteoplastica recommended in the period of wearing braces or plates, and after their withdrawal.

As a rule, timely treatment of osteopathy significantly reduces the time of orthodontic treatment that minimizes the number of relapses and returns the body to health and harmony.published



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