How to make a bike with my own hands and not much to spend in this

Total interest in the electric vehicle in recent times is gaining momentum – the question of the "invention" their own bike with electric increasingly puzzled people of all ages and occupations. Sometimes born in the hot heads ideas that are incompatible with the harsh realities of life, often "kulibinskom" mentality is bearing fruit, and the result is quite worthy of pride of its founder. Many manufacturers did not remain aloof from global trends today in the market of components for electric bikes quite common offer so-called "whale" sets to create electric bike existing bike. In order to make the bike go without your help, you will need at least the motor, battery and controller, which is responsible for the correct work of the first two units – all this, and more, is included in the kit for the electrification of the bike. But in order for the newly formed unit was worthy of the title of velocipede, offer the following advice.

   The design of electric bicycles: accessories and aggregates As the theater begins with a hanger, and dance from the stove, and the creation of a bike with my own hands begins with the selection of the donor. The correct solution to this question will depend primarily on the goals and challenges of future owner of a velocipede in front of the projected vehicle. It is best to consider in advance of the inevitable risks of high loads and use as the basis of design steel frame downhill with a mounting system of depreciation. This option is preferable to others, if you are going to install a powerful motor-wheel – kilowatts or more. The motor direct drive nominal capacity of 1000 Watts will allow you to reach speeds of 40-55 km/h. due to the large torque and the weight of the engine, the actuator put in the rear wheel, while it is not superfluous to strengthen the mounting bracket axis, especially if the frame is aluminum.

When you click finish, the battery or the creation of its own battery it is necessary to consider such parameters as weight, dimensions, capacity and operating current. Nominal operating voltage may be different (36V, 48V, or 72V) – the higher voltages and large currents will allow to accelerate to high speeds. If you need reliability and a long service life choose battery LiFePo4 elements of large capacity. Want to save on weight and costs – take Li-Ion. Capacity 10 Amp/hours would last about 20-40 km of the way – the mileage depends on the economy of power consumption, and for many this option is not compatible with the stock throttle. When you are more important than the small weight of the velocipede and you do not chase at high speeds, the optimal choice is a motorized impeller rated power 250-350W. These engines are light, and usually have a built-in planetary gear reducer that contributes to the normal roll forward of the velocipede in motion on the pedals. "Cruising" speed low-power of cars lies in the range of 25-30 km/h. the electric Motors of small capacity are installed both in the front and rear wheels, a significant value it has, except that it is useful for a more uniform distribution of mass. With the same purpose, it is preferable to place the battery in the Central part of the frame of the velocipede will be better handling and stability. Another option of placing the motor – Central (near return) – widespread in our latitudes is not yet received, but many of the leading manufacturers of kits for electric bikes have a range of such proposals.

Regular controllers in a cheap kit-sets rigidly "stitched" by the manufacturers and do not provide the ability to change settings. If you don't have to – you can just enjoy the ride. If you want to Tinker with the setup and selection of optimal parameters for your configuration – take a set of programmable controller type Infineon. Close attention should be paid to the wiring and installation of electrical equipment – wiring quality, designed to operate at certain current, reliable connectors, sufficient cooling of the controller, the heating after prolonged use and severe loads. Issues of safety Cars is a relatively new kind of vehicles with a fairly wide range of possibilities. In many countries the law equates them to the bikes, if the engine power does not exceed 350-500 Watts. The more powerful the electric bike is another story with its own characteristics of operation. Therefore, security issues should be paid sometimes even more attention than when driving a scooter or motorcycle. Do not forget as about protective equipment, and additional equipment. Even those who are not going to own downhill tracks, and just planning to enjoy the surrounding beauty in a leisurely trip, in any case you should use a helmet, gloves, and other items of protection, able to protect the cyclist against injury in the event of an emergency.

Front headlight, rear clearance, additional reflectors, rear view mirrors, a loud horn – it will be useful on the road, but also help other road users see you in time. Special attention should be paid to the brakes – they should be of high quality and able at any moment to stop your velocipede, because at high speed the usual behaviour of the brake changes. And do not need to become for you an unpleasant surprise. Especially considering grown a lot of bike – components of the electric "pull" on 12-14 extra pounds. But if interest in cars will not disappear after the purchase of starter kit with a 250-watt motor, it is possible to assume that soon you will have more solid and heavy two-wheeled friend.

In General how many people – so many bikes. Someone in the priority value, the reliability of, third are interested in weight or appearance. Today, the bulk of queries are able to satisfy ready – made solutions among the variety of models offered to pick up the velocipede, which will fully meet your requirements. published


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