Error unacceptable when working with electrical appliances

Research in the field of electrical safety revealed that accidents related to improper use of electrical appliances, occurring every 4 seconds. Statistics show that the neglect of electricity is constantly becoming cause of accidents, because even our phone is an appliance and can throw a lot of unpleasant tricks.

The fact that the human body is an excellent conductor, and if it will be under tension, to avoid injury would be impossible. So nothing like this has ever happened in your daily life, we remembered ten common situations when electricity is not a joke.


Try without extreme necessity not to incorporate simultaneously a large number of appliances – so you can overload the circuit. And do not try to plug all appliances into one outlet, unable to bear the load, she may just light up.

Drying clothes

If life and health are still important to you, in no case do not try to hang your wet socks and underwear electric heater or the electrical wiring. Use a battery or don't be lazy, and hang the clothes on the street.

Left unattended

Despite the fact that such forgetfulness is ridiculed in movies and TV constantly, people still often leave flammable items such as irons or Curling tongs of hair, without supervision. But just one direct contact with the flammable thing (e.g. a towel) and your comfortable accommodation will turn into ashes.

Repair of the connected devices

First, do not attempt to repair the appliance yourself: there are experts for that. Second, if it really itch to fix something, make sure first that the object of application of your skills on-all-trades-master off from the socket. But seriously, tragic precedents there have been many.

Drilling the walls

Drilling holes in the walls of his house, not having a clue about where it is located, the wiring is like playing Russian roulette. If you are going to hang a new painting and have already prepared to cut a hole in the wall for a nail, lay aside his drill, and refer first to the plan of electric communication, and even better – buy a special alarm device.

To dry things in the microwave

Think twice before you put wet after washing sneakers or crashed in tea smartphone in the microwave. The result can exceed all your expectations. And in General, stick in the microwave anything other than food – blasphemy, the blasphemy of the fire.

The electrical appliances in the bathroom

Hairdryers, electric shavers, working from a network, laptops and tablets – this is not a complete list of things which in the tub is absolutely not the place. To avoid trouble, it is best to remember that the bathroom is particularly hazardous to electrical appliances room. An electric shock can be fatal if the appliance falls into the water, and humid air adversely affects the operation of the device, damaging electrical and mechanical parts.

Damaged sockets

In any case, do not use damaged sockets and switches. If when plugging in appliances, you see a spark it can be a sign of weak contact. The best way to prevent a fire in this case, is in a hurry to replace the socket.

Cables under the carpet

Perhaps the solution is to hide the cable under the carpet, hanging on the wall, will not be the best solution: nailing the carpet, we could accidentally damage the cable by arranging a short circuit. Do not attach cords to electrical appliances for water supply and gas pipes for the radiators. In the event of an accident will not find anyone.

How to extinguish a burning appliance

A rule as old as the world, but for some reason many forget about it: don't take the wires of electrical appliances with wet hands! And, by the way, pour hot water appliances too. Put out the fire, throwing fire, dirt, or sand.


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