You consider yourself a spender? 9 These tricks will teach you to save every day without noticing.

You may seems strange, but you can save without even thinking about it! After all, the economy - it is not only the calculation of material resources and their rational use. It is also the consumption of fewer resources, for which you pay your money. As it turns out, you can consume almost half the electricity, not even noticing the changes in everyday life! Read these 9 recommendations - they are very reasonable and will help you to reduce electricity bills. This is especially important in the winter ...

1. Use carpets in winter.
Carpets on the floor like not all, considering it a relic of the past. But in the winter they are needed - if you have carpet on the floor, feet not freeze, do not need to heat the room so much. Current advice for those who have independent heating.

2. Let the refrigerator is not empty.
The obvious truth is that I particularly liked: a full refrigerator consumes less power. This is logical - all products, water bottles and other liquid cooled each other, help your fridge temperature to keep the stable mark.


3. Give up the drying in the dishwasher.
If your dishwasher has a function as a drying - you can disable it. Use drying should be a last resort, when there is no cookware and urgently need it is clean and dry. If you are not in a hurry, leave the door open in the dishwasher - everything is dry on their own. You do not know how much electricity can be saved in this way!

4. Seize the copper pots and pans.
This will save gas if you have a gas stove, and electricity if electric. Copper cookware is heated very quickly, well-kept warm, the food it prepares faster. And at the same time will save your time!

5. Monitor the cleanliness of the bottom of the pots and pans.
Again, the purer the bottom of the pot - the less time spent on cooking, because the fire is not necessary to penetrate the obstacle of a deposit to heat the pot. It is difficult to imagine today the hostess, who does not understand and does not watch over the purity of the dishes - but can not be silent about this.

6. Turn off the stove and oven.
Turn off the stove and oven for 3-4 minutes before the food is cooked through. In the case of the oven is particularly well. The heat, which developed during the preparation of food, enough to bring a dish to the desired state. Just leave it in the oven or on the stove. But significant savings by doing so each time.

7. Cover the pan lid.
And the pan covered with a lid. No, of course, there are recipes where you want to cook without it, but the dishes with a lid allows you to prepare food quickly! Remember that.

8. Choose the right size burner.
On the big burners puts more pans on the small - the same corresponding dimensions. This simple rule will help you to make rational use of gas and electricity, and will prevent the dishes from the stick.


9. Standby and appliances.
A lot of energy wasted electrical appliances in standby mode. To avoid this, be sure to disable them completely, at least for a night. To simplify the problem, connect these appliances to a power strip. You will need to press the button once to turn off the power extension cord by turning off all in one fell swoop.

Let these tips will help you to make rational use of energy! These life hacking, not only will save your money. Efficient use of resources is very helpful for our planet. If the economy will be good form, it's great impact on the ecology.

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