Effective means of relieving intestinal spasms — 5 recipes

In this article, you will learn how to cook at home folk remedies, relieves spasms of the intestine.

All of the following recipes are easy to prepare, completely safe and very effective. In addition, due to the fact that all the tools are made up of natural ingredients, you can use them on a regular basis.

The recipe first.

To prepare the first remedy against spasms of the intestine should pour a glass of hot purified or melted water one teaspoon carefully crushed peppermint, then leave the container with the mixture, covered, in a warm place for fifteen minutes. Application: ready-made, strained through cheesecloth and drink consumed twice a day after meals.

The second recipe.

You need to fill a Cup or two of boiling water two or three large (canteens) tablespoons toadflax. Now leave the mixture in a warm place (or just wrap the bowl with a warm towel infusion) for twenty to thirty minutes. Application: use ready means five table spoons three – four times a day.

The third recipe.

Domestic combat intestinal spasms, helps such folk remedy: mix twenty grams of herbs horsetail and yarrow, and then add to the mixture ten grams of the crushed wormwood and pour the collection in two cups of boiling water (for cooking use only purified or melted water).

Now allow the infusion to stand for two hours in warm off the oven and eat half a Cup three – four times a day with a bit of sugar any familiar food (e.g., sandwich or salad).


Recipe fourth.

In addition to get quick relief from spasms of the intestine helps tincture of fennel. To prepare this folk remedy you need to pour a tablespoon of dried fennel seeds Cup of boiling water (you can also use dill), and then allow the mixture to stand for fifteen minutes. Take tincture for cramps half a Cup.



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Recipe fifth.

Mix in a clean glass jar fifteen grams of leaves of common plantain, from ten to fifteen grams of sage, five grams of peppermint, ten grams cudweed , and ten to fifteen grams of St. John's wort flowers. Now boil one tea spoon of ready collection Cup boiling water and cover it with a lid. After about twenty or thirty minutes drink to relieve spasms of the bowel is ready. Taken three times a day third Cup. published

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