3 ways to cleanse the bowel soda

Colon Cleansing should be performed for the recovery of the whole body and get rid of many diseases. Traditional medicine offers many effective ways to clean the intestines. Today I want to share with you some effective ways to help rid you of toxins, toxins and parasites, living and poison your body.

Method 1: Drink soda
This cleaning is done soda bowel in the morning, as soon as you wake up.

To begin with, drink a glass of water at room temperature, do not go to bed, start to move. Well, if bowel movements occur immediately.
Then drink a glass of water with dissolved in it a teaspoon of baking soda. Remember that soda solution for drinking should be hot but not burn.
After a quarter of an hour, drink another glass of soda solution (in a glass of water - a teaspoon of baking soda)
. Thus, every quarter of an hour, drink another glass solution, and again. In total you should have four stages of soda every 15 minutes.
Within 1-2 hours, you have a bowel movement occurs, then you need to continue to drink water with soda, only to reduce the dosage of powder 0, 5 tsp.
Soda water need to drink up until you comes out Vodicka light yellow on the color.


Method 2: Clean the intestines soda and serum.
Folk prescription bowel cleansing soda and serum has become very popular. cleansing procedure is performed with the help of an enema, as well as using a certain diet.

Take two liters of whey and dissolve it in a tablespoon of baking soda.
On the first day of cleaning in the morning on an empty stomach do a cleansing enema.
About an hour before a meal, drink the infusion of lemon and garlic 50 grams. Throughout the day, you must not eat any food and only drink kefir, tomato juice and water.
On the second day - do an enema and drink 50 grams of infusion of lemon and garlic
. Throughout the day eat only apple juice or a mixture of vegetables.
On the third day - on an empty stomach drink lemon-garlic infusion 50gramm and can then eating a light breakfast. Throughout the day, eat fruits and vegetables.
This bowel cleansing can be carried out twice a month.

Method 3: Purification of soda from parasites.
The accumulation of our different ways to penetrate the intestinal parasites that are feeding on nutrients from our body, retain the "products" own life. These "products" of our body are poison, which reduces the immune system, and appear causing various diseases. It will help clean the intestines of parasites soda with enema.

Dissolve in 800 ml of water about 20-30 grams of soda, and bring the temperature of the solution up to 38-40 degrees.
Prepare two liters of plain water with a temperature of 22 degrees for the preliminary and final purification procedure.
Next, perform a cleaning procedure using an enema and two liters of treated water, soak a vodichku as long as possible, and then empty the bowels.
Then enter an enema with a soda solution, and try to hold the contents of a half an hour. Empty the intestines.
Again, make a two-liter enema with normal water.
similar treatment course lasts 10 procedures performed in a day. After cleaning soda bowel patient testimonials talk about the positive results of the meeting. Upon completion of the course felt a significant improvement, a surge of strength and energy. And besides, any bowel cleansing procedure helps to lose a few extra kilos and feel much better than before.

Health to you!


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