7 ways to travel budget

Many refuse to travel. Not because of laziness, lack of desire or time. At a more pragmatic reason — people have no extra money for the trip.

And really, to go to a trip, it is necessary to have in hand a considerable amount. Mostly all spent on the tickets, but in the difficult task of the traveler is full and other expenses, which are not only possible, but quite really to reduce.

How to travel on the funds when the economy itself against you? And talk about this.


1. Transfer


The first mistake a novice tourist who does not know the value of money, is found almost on the verge of traveling in a foreign airport. From it, you need to get to the hotel, which I hope you booked the day before. But local taxi drivers may not know either Russian or even English. And it is impossible to get in the car to just anyone, especially if we are talking about countries with underdeveloped economies — the people there can be desperate.

But it is in these country and want to go, because there is concentrated the whole exoticism of this world, and the spirit of adventure. In any case, you need adequate taxi driver. On the street you're a guy don't will find, but you can always use the international service for the first time. For Example, Kiwitaxi.

At the airport you will be met by a taxi driver with a bright sign with your name on it. You will be able to be in the car in a minute not even talking and no haggling with the taxi.

What is the advantage of this service? It covers 20 thousand towns and resorts, 450 airports, covering more than 70 countries around the world.

All this is impressive, but what is the relationship among Kiwitaxi and security of your wallet? The fact that the service not only provides the contact carriers (in the database a hundred), but ranks them deals on prices, classes, cars and reviews. That is, with Kiwitaxi you can find a Russian-speaking driver in a reasonable car for a small fee. He will take you to the hotel, and you will spend less than if you took a random driver. This is not to mention the fact that other risks (like robbery) disappear. Payment is made in rubles and, therefore, the exchange rate jumps — no problem.

The service has Russian localization and it provides the opportunity to pay by plastic card, and currency, you can choose the ruble. The system itself is transparent and safe.


2. Vehicle rental


You may think this is a very strange way to keep your money to yourself. Why not get around on your own, why do we need transport? Look, you have a limited amount of time, and any tourist wants to see everything. It would be wise to rent a bike or moped to explore all the sights. And it will be much cheaper than travelling by taxi or public transport. Bicycle rental is worth a penny.


A scooter is more difficult, but better to take them:

  • First, using the moped your feet won't get tired.
  • Second, you will be able to bypass traffic jams.
  • Third, in most countries of the world on a moped to the right.

Besides, if you're in any Indonesia, India or Bolivia, then make sure that mopeds are a national form of transport. In many large cities the movement of the car more difficult and tedious process than on a moped.

The cost can be quite different, and some traders deliberately overstate it. So, don't be afraid to haggle — it's not shameful.

How much you can rent a moped? Depends on the country, specific cities and merchant. If we take India, the state of Goa, it is in your power to find a scooter for 200-300 rupees a day. This is the price of a beer in any bar of the average Russia.


3. No guides


Yes, it's not easy, especially when you don't really know the language of the host country.

But remember the past — never before used the services of agencies. People moved around the world, which had a nominal border, they could go anywhere and study anything.

Now there is the Internet and there you can find the coordinates of all landmarks, which can only dream of.

We generally think that paying for a guide is more expensive. And here's why. Guide, if to speak about serious professional, should not simply be a local resident who is well-scratching language and can show the sights. It needs to be a qualified professional who has appropriate cultural or historical education. Only in this case his stories about the ancient temple, sense and original sound.

But most guides have no intellectual baggage behind, they just poison tales, retelling them hundreds of times. In the end, you absorb false information about the architecture, culture and various attractions. Why do you have to pay for false information? Of course, if you found a really high-quality specialist Professor who knows what he's talking about, then hire. That's just the cost will be quite different from the brothers in business.

So, it is best to learn everything yourself, the benefit of the Internet provides opportunities to find and to know — you just stare.


4. The experience of other


The best experience that relates to travel is the reviews of real people that are in their own skin appreciated all the charm and hardships of the city, in which they brought it fate. Information more transparent and honest. It's not advertising brochures and slides on the website of the tour operator. These people know where to eat delicious, where to sleep cheaply and how to avoid all the trouble that can arise in a strange city. They are generally be more likely to listen, because they do not do advertising, but transmit their own experience.


Unfortunately, not everyone has such Dating. Have to look for them, fortunately we know where they are hiding. There is a travel community called Agentika. You yourself can join, like any other man, thirsty of adventure. There you can find various reviews on restaurants, local cuisine, museums and more. The community is quite developed and feeds itself. I mean that each person on a voluntary basis is likely to send a thank-you payment for a good recommendation. And, of course, everyone can write the recommendation.

It turns out that if you are an advanced traveler, who found a really interesting place, you have the ability to offset financial losses. Just put a review about the place, adding it to the base of the site and another guy looking over your recommendation, I will send you the money. Of course, if he wants it, but travelers good people, good advice can pay.

Also on the website Agentika have the opportunity to benefit from the cashback relating to the essential expenditure in travel:

  • booking of hotels,
  • purchase tickets,
  • you could rent a car.

Good resource.


5. Tent and sleeping bag


Why do you have a hotel, apartments and a shower? If you're a big man who is not afraid of trouble, the tent is a good option that will save you a lot of time.

And do not have put her anywhere. When you take a popular tourism route, then we are sure you'll find a camp where even the guards can be. Just pay for a place under the open sky, lay out a tent and live in your pleasure.

Of course, you can place it anywhere, but you would need to know the place and the laws of the country. The police can not distinguish homelessness from the hardcore tourism.


6. Part time job


If you focus on a long stay in another country, it is advisable to find some work. It does not always need a working visa. More precisely, it is necessary, but many businesses willingly take the alien to any piecework.


Don't expect high fees, and severity. You don't work come and relax, to explore the world. I mean, we're talking about work in the spirit of "let me unload this van, and you will pay me, so I could have money for food".

The value of part-time work in the fact that you will be able to more closely acquainted with residents to understand their mentality, to know what they think, what do you do in your free time and dream about what. This knowledge is much more valuable than those that you find in a guidebook. And the money is never redundant, even if the pay will be little.


7. The power of the season


If you compare the price of housing, hotel and even food in other countries, it is easy to notice that they depend on the time of year. In Spain, for example, it is cheaper to go in the winter, not many tourists this time of year there are few. Focusing on budget travel, it is necessary to reckon with time. There are, of course, the downside of this trip: the places of entertainment are closed, little people, some of the city become the abode sleepy flies. It's like winter on the Black Sea — all travel at 99% dying.

However, pros are also available. For example, are always cheaper housing and food, some sights can be visited for free or at a reduced price.


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But if your vacation is sun, palm trees and ocean wave, there is no reason to go to the Islands during storms. However, weather conditions will not prevent you to explore the country.


Author: Ivan Kalyagin


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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