If the child walks on tiptoe

When we stand on tiptoes and walk on them?

  • When I want to be taller to attract attention
  • When marching through puddles
  • And sometimes when it's cold
  • Or JUST go for the socks to stop rested for a change.

If Your toddler can walk on a full foot, and walks on tiptoe for the reasons listed above – most likely nothing to worry about. Plus there is another reason, usually for little princesses. They're fairies or ballerinas, in General, light and graceful and then, of course, only socks.

But it so happens that the child is difficult to go to a full stop, for example due to improper distribution of muscle tone in the legs. The muscles in the back of legs are always in a redundant tone, almost in spasm, and the muscles of the front surface in normal or reduced tone. What is the stem, how not to embark on a sock and so to exist, not tired?

This happens when there is insufficient of the pyramidal area of the cortex, which has suffered from hypoxia, for example, during pregnancy or childbirth. And as if all is well: growing, evolving organism, massages, gym, gets, crawls, walks, and the transition to a more complex skill (walking) is where fine – there and evident. And if the speech delay, and fine motor skills not – it is a reason to refer to specialists.

There are other causes of noroccidente.


Why an osteopath?


You can consult a neurologist or orthopedist, to receive from them the diagnosis: pyramidal insufficiency and go for a massage, sessions with a break of 20-30 and gymnastics. Great! Such a path exists.

Have of osteopathic medicine is an essential trump card. OSTEOPATH "sees the root" and has access to the brain.

To restore the proper mobility of the bones of the skull, to correct problems in the cervical spine, establish an adequate blood supply of the brain – that's one of the challenges in osteopathic treatment for pyramidal disease. And check all the bones and sustavchikov feet and not just to relax unnecessarily tense muscles, improve blood circulation in them.

Is it possible to leave it as is and do not seek?


. Your child. Can "overgrow". Some doctors believe that up to two years "Chicks" – a normal variant. But what about the ligaments, sustavchikov and bones of those parts of feet that are not designed for such loads. Redistribution of load on knee and hip joints will pull in the joints of the pelvis and spine, etc.


Whatever You choose, a good addition to any kind of treatment are:


  • Walking in other parts of the foot (inner and outer edge, the heel).
  • Walking on soft (sand, foam mats, sofa, etc.).
  • Baths and baths with sea salt.
  • Exercises fine motor skills.
  • Walks in the fresh air, at least 2 times a day.
  • Complete freedom of movement, structures on which to climb, pull yourself up, using a variety of grips arms and legs. They are almost all playgrounds. If your no – buy sports complex home and let the child use it. Stay close and insure the kid, be ready to catch him if he gets off, but don't touch him while he climbs.published

Author: Anastasia Pricesuk, doctor of osteopathy of Europe, girudoterapevt


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