Live freely. They themselves. My heart

The fact that in our society we live double standards, is no surprise. They work in politics (when one can break the law and others are not), and education (when the average education common to all students the programs are intended to miraculously raise unique personalities), and in the sphere of intersexual relations.

On the one hand, globalization has led to the fact that many values are common to a large number of people, on the other hand, the collective unconscious of a particular society holds in the grip of prejudices and stereotypes. Not all of them are bad, but some do not stand up to scrutiny, for example, preconceptions about the freedom of women.

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In an unfree society, it is foolish to speak of individual freedom, probably, from this grows is filled with condemnation and negative evaluations of the attitude to life and behaviour of a free woman. We very phrase grates on the ear — free woman. Looks a lot more happy to call her a divorcee, spinster, the evil career woman, a blue stocking, and so on. And it's not just the names behind them — the real attitude towards women, which for various reasons at the moment, no couples.

And just as hundreds of years ago, a man without a woman — free fighter invisible sexual front, and generally well done, macho and tidbit in the marriage market. And a woman without a man a human being, defects, unhappy restless creature, which a priori can not be happy because there the main constituent of happiness — men.

Every person (male and female equally) wants love, and, by and large, a conscious person all my life this love in myself grows, to find, in the end, the person with whom you can make the most complete, the most intense exchange of love energy. We all want to find someone you can be close on many levels, and spiritual including.

But this is the way. This is the way a full-fledged, self-sufficient, Mature personalities. "Imperfections" create a half-assed relationship.

If a woman needs the personality puzzle in the form of men, she is the victim before entering into a relationship. The same applies to men. Relationships that are able to create these people, be extremely painful and long lasting effects on the psyche. But!

To understand what in the human psyche live the injury, it must enter into a relationship. Relationships like nothing better, shows that in the person of the patient and incomplete. A little reading, a little thinking about what you and how does the opposite gender, rather, it is about anything and nothing... Yet people really do not face others... different.

It seems to understand everything. But when it comes to female selection, even for men who consider themselves aware and enlightened, and many women, too, sometimes stupor: "No!".

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For a woman to choose, because:


1. It's sex. Ay-ay-ay, independent adult women happens sudden sex! It's breaks all moral standards! This is what will become of society! Read: men can, women cannot.

2. She will actually choose. And suddenly see that someone who is near, is not the best option, and very little for her. Terribly! It is necessary to develop, to fit in. I'd rather see him on and doesn't irritate their views at the sides!

3. It will no longer terminally attached. You will not be able to ignore it, not care, not to care, and even more, to humiliate and crush, because at any moment the woman can come off. Feeling freedom of choice, she stops struggling to hold on to suffering, and to choose love, and above all, to yourself.


The Patriarchal society hardly stands a free woman. And time inevitably leads to the fact that the relationship should be a partnership (a rare family fed only the income of the spouse), but in the minds of demanding that the woman was the victim. So even without the age of forty children and family, sat at a window and waited for her boyfriend. And he, tired after love battles can be, suddenly, one will desire to it to look. She to the world it is impossible to leave, as well as b... call! Will not save vagina for the only beloved who can and with a pension at the door not to knock.

So I say you CAN. Free women all you can. Exactly the same way as free men. To fall in love and be disappointed. To enter into a relationship and drop them when not. To want sex and get it. To live freely and to live with the taste.

We came into this world in order to LIVE, not to be afraid. And especially, not to listen to someone else's questionable beliefs and to live according to someone else's orders.


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Man condemns another for something you can't implement myself. Always remember this. And live freely. They themselves. At the behest of the heart.published 


Author: Lilia Ahremchik


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©



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