Test drive the new Nissan Murano hybrid: a half-step to premium

The fact that the new Murano will be a boy, become known as soon as the official photos of the model. Nissan decided to alter the futuristic Resonance concept than definitely pleased with the potential buyers. On the impressive scope of the Russian presentation all the guests were able to see that in person, the new crossover looks no worse than advertising performs booklet photo. What is important is how the Murano goes and how much it costs. The answer to both questions.

A non-trivial exterior of the model has always been. However, I confess, external harmony is neither the first nor especially the second generation crossover is not spoiled, specific combining Japanese design with American aspirations for the large size. Sleek streamlined crossover certainly aspired to be in the lineup a clear alternative to the deliberately brutal, square Pathfinder SUV last generation. Given that the cars crossed at a price the buyer was a contrast choice.

Despite the fact that off-road Pathfinder gone, replaced, again, the American version, more like four-wheel drive minivan than SUV, the Murano concept has not changed. It's still a hefty crossover – length under five, width of two meters – claiming the conquest, in the first place, the concrete jungle. The conquest of the bright and, according to representatives of the brand, very comfortable. The latter should be revised, of course, better interior, new electronic helpers and options, and most importantly – fully adapted to the Russian reality suspension.


Two main visual focus of the new Nissan Murano front in trademark style V-Motion, accentuated by internal waves of the lattice and cunning pattern of headlights and a stylish rear pillars bend with the effect of soaring roof.

The interior is like, and not changed – looks so familiar every detail of the decoration. In fact, if you compare with the previous generation of the crossover, the difference is very noticeable. But from a salon Junior X-Trail new really different nuances, mostly decorative-dimensional character.

First and foremost, again let's say that if you want to amuse your self-esteem in visual and aesthetic terms, then Nissan should be taken only with light cream interior – it all design refinements, flows, line and shape become pronounced distinctiveness. The complete package becomes richer, the airiness and lightness is even more elaborate, and the machine itself is subjectively more expensive, although no surcharge for trim color there.

Against the background of its predecessor, the creators of much more time devoted to the design: the front riders across the front panel now embraces stylish arc Jaguar-style, and wave-like nodules of the panel flow to the doors in the rotund podiums door handle. The entire interior of the Murano felt plush-soft – merit of more expensive finishing materials.

From the point of view of convenience and ergonomics, no surprises Murano does not present neither in a negative nor in a positive sense. All standard. The ergonomics of the landing and the location of major and minor controls do not cause any issues. The classic dashboard is decorated with a large color display, and a torpedo – a large main screen. Functional and intuitive menu structure, clearly borrowed from Volkswagen, is made five, the graphics quality – on chetverochku.



Nissan never ceases to brag about the cooperation with NASA, with whom created seat Zero Gravity technology. The chair in the first place with an excellent balance of softness, really good - even the tune is not particularly necessary, although I personally like the more pronounced.

Rear sofa is equally comfortable and welcoming. The place here will suffice any adjustment and heating is available in top-end configuration even additional screens to connect multimedia is. The business class!


The trunk rose half a liters – now 454. The backrests fold flush with the floor, and with the help of electric locks directly out of the trunk. The fifth door opens electrically by default.

In our market the new Murano discharged steam engines. Rather well – written one, the second is fashion appendage. Main motor – familiar V-shaped "six" 3.5 with a capacity of 249 horsepower, which received a couple of new chain CVT.

The bundle works okay, most importantly – very comfortable and smoothly. Full life stirs only sharp at the start of the accelerator, thanks to which Murano is jumping from here forward, but immediately calms down, to limit urban speeds.

So, distinct dynamics and power of the six cylinders is shown, for the most part, in the first hundred on the speedometer. On a standard highway overtaking with 90 km/h the car is lazy, it is felt that engine with the CVT don't want what they can not. The philosophy of the movement from Murano fully subordinated to the comfort – not even Sport-mode. Eco-mode is, and sports are not. However, the machine can be cheer up by manual switching seven fixed-gear, but, hand on heart, I don't know a single person who would used the "manual" to "automatic".

On the other hand, on stages sometimes don't notice how the speedometer goes to 150 km/h — with such unobtrusive ease Nissan gaining speed. Merit here and excellent noise insulation, and a well balanced suspension. Just over the last at full strength worked domestic technicians, rebuilding American valkosti European elasticity with the ability to cope with the Russian reality.

Shaking hands did it! Techies-podmazochnye knowingly laps on grounds of the US and the Spanish test centre IDIADA. The new Murano is very different from shaking predecessor, ignoring most of the bumps, it is absolutely not disturbing inhabitants of the salon and not going off course. But an active taxiway is still not the Forte crossover. The deviation of the poured artificial gravity needed a little more steering, the crossover reacts with the U.S. imposing a pause.

An alternative to the usual "six" — a hybrid. Nissan samurai with persistence continues to be certified in Russia we have absolutely unpopular gasoline-electric motor, proving that a certain percentage of eco-buyers and their "green" positioning.

Bundle 2.5-liter engine and 15-kilowatt electric motor produces a total of 254 horsepower. Even on paper parameters performance characteristics a little different from just V6.Power, pull, speed performance is almost the same. The most interesting thing on the go the difference is not striking – in the area of medium speed hybrid engine even a little sympathetic.

The final point in the question the advantages of a hybrid puts the average highway fuel consumption, which daacagvrino of the motor was – attention! – more (left) than in a petrol 3.5-litre engine (right).

Of course, making a discount on the uneven road conditions and the advantages of the hybrid in the rhythm of the city, but anyway, the gasoline, the Quartet not only turns the wheels but also had to recharge the battery. In addition, environmentally friendly Murano is only available in the top version, so on the road we will meet very rarely.

What is the result?The main condition of success was to be the price, which at the time of the test were not known. Now know, Nissan did not disappoint. Yes, the new Murano with the change of generations has risen significantly, but remained within the bounds of decency – about two and a half million rubles for the version and add nothing special. Can be even cheaper, but then you have to abandon all-wheel drive, which is wrong, though off-road capability is not important.


But for all other parameters, mainly for comfort, the new Nissan Murano stopped in mid-stride from a complete premium, and even then, mostly fines. And as for visual appeal, he can now easily compete not only with "my cousin, the Infiniti QX70, but with other Japanese cosmostation — Lexus RX.published


Source: dvizhok.su/auto/test-drajv-novogo-nissan-murano-polshaga-do-premium-klassa


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