Neuromuscular pattern: each of us has our own inherent nature

Why are some people passionate about Aikido, other – contact improvisation, third class, fourth in awe of Taijiquan?

Says former ballet dancer and choreographer Betsy Wetzig, each of us has the inherent nature of neuromuscular pattern. He predisposes us to a particular direction. He determines that it is convenient for us and why we choose one activity over another. He also serves as the tool of choice of method of body work.



In 30-ies Jennifer Rathbone at Columbia University has developed a manual test for checking stresses in the neuromuscular system. She highlighted 4 separate pattern. In the 60-ies and 70-ies of the new York-based choreographer and movement researcher Betsy Wetzig examined the effects of these factors on creative styles and communication in their group, who worked in the style of improvisation. It found that each neuromuscular pattern uses a different set and order of muscle contractions in order to create a certain kind of movements:

  • push
  • form
  • pendulum
  • fall.
These four basic pattern arrange four kinds of work our muscles, nervous system and brain. Each pattern includes simultaneously shape and type of the brain. This is because the way our movement and how our brain processes information is the same neurological process: each pattern is simultaneously mental and physical.

At a push of the movement is asymmetrical, with sharp straight lines, often aimed diagonally. This pattern of movement dominates in the dance technique of Martha Graham and sprint. The ability to push involves assertiveness, reducing, relaxing, and straightening.

Form motor pattern, predominant in classical ballet. His task is to establish a distinct shape. He holds and places the weight by moving the body in space. This pattern balances, creates the pose and lifts the weight. Movement symmetrical or balanced. Form is necessary when shooting in basketball, when skating and equestrian. Examples of this pattern are yoga and movement at the Laban method.

The pendulum is a pattern of sway, oscillation or Bouncing. During the swing movement that you make on the one hand, repeats with the other hand, the same thing can happen with the upper and lower parts of the body. This pattern prevails when belly dancing, it can be seen in hula, swing jazz, dancing in the style of Jose Limon. It frees the joints and develops endurance, creates a good mood and desire to interact. It is necessary for jumps in games like cricket or Golf, when running long distance and run the ball.

The fall – consistent actions that tend in some sense to strive downwards, to fall, to drain, to hang. This pattern dominated in the dance of Isadora Duncan and Doris Humphrey. It attaches to the movements with ease, grace, consistency that is necessary in a tumbling, tumbling falling and evading movements. Examples of this pattern can be considered as tai Chi and contact improvisation.

Although we used all four types of motion, each of us from birth predisposed to the prevailing pattern, which is the least annoying. This is our way to relax, a feature of our mental activity and creative activities.

Our individual style is composed of a pattern to which we are predisposed, and another.


If we have an idea about the variations of styles and correctly use patterns, it can give good posture and a strong spine, flexibility and freedom of movement in a wide range. If we reject the pattern of motion, it can lead to all sorts of disorders, injuries, block energy, reduce sensitivity and to weaken the mental processes.


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Injuries, especially the cultural or family styles, ill-conceived sports and dancing can lead to a weakening of the pattern or its absence. According to Wetzig, training coordination patterns allows you to achieve what it calls "full physical potential," which can help prevent injury or to cure chronic disease or dysfunction, since it restores muscular balance between the muscles and thereby ensures uregulirovanii body.published




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