Micro-hydro svomi hands: a fun and useful way to use renewable energy sources

Using a few empty plastic bottles, a bit of wire and ingenuity, Thomas Kim (Thomas Kim) has created its own hydraulic system that can charge a smartphone or a led lamp, for example, if you were in the distant wilderness from civilization.

Based on your description, hydro Kim uses plastic bottles and disposable plates, water wheel, which rotates the shaft three-phase stepper motor to generate electricity, which then goes through the circuit of the rectifier (which converts AC to DC needed for charging a mobile device).

Although not mentioned anything specific, but it seems that the device also includes a voltage regulator (and USB connector) to protect the phone from damage, which is an important factor. From the video it is seen that the output voltage at the Kim device is approximately 10 V, and it is able to charge the smartphone and to power a small led.

For those who have access to running water, this type of project micro-hydro can be a fun and rewarding way to use renewable energy to power small lighting systems or batteries, and as can be seen, at the most minimal cost. published

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