"Pomerania": exercise for weight loss

When a person is overweight, the whole body is burdened. For each two centimeters in diameter, the body has to provide several kilometers of blood vessels to supply extra tissues. The blood that normally goes to the head and brain remains in the abdominal cavity, aiding the digestive organs to cope with their increased workload.

To pump blood through all the fat tissue, the heart will have to perform additional work. His resource will be exhausted earlier. Excessive fats in the blood impede the circulation in arteries and veins, hence the hypertension. Excessive weight in the abdomen will bend and make the patient the lower back.

If the person is not trained, and after forty gained weight, not a good idea for him, squats and other exercises for weight loss. Additionally, the stomach area is difficult to control, if you are a yogi.

The best and safe – Taoist exercises potiranie stomach. This is the most simple and natural method for weight loss. Working on the principle of "water wears away the stone" that is little, but every day.


1. Starting position — lying on his back. Relax.

2. Put your palms on navel. (If you are right handed, right hand under left, if left handed, Vice versa)

Start a spiral from the navel, not too pressing, just stroking, clockwise from the center, that is from right to left, first in a narrow circle, and then gradually expand the movement to the pelvic bones and lower ribs. This is a divergent spiral.

3. Now make a collapsing spiral to the navel in the same direction.

4. Repeat items 2 and 3 in the opposite direction.

5. Repeat step 2, claim 3 and claim 4, that is clockwise and counterclockwise as many times as you want.

No need to make the effort. Remember that external movement is converted into the internal.

This same exercise can be performed more vigorously to warm up the tissues from friction. If you're consistent, you will get rid of the problems with peristalsis, and many problems with other organs.

Clockwise motion increases peristaltic activity and decelerates the process of removing water from the intestines to a normal level.


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Counterclockwise has the opposite effect. The stimulation of the flow of water from the colon to the kidneys.

This exercise will help with a stomach ulcer.

In addition to the physical movement of the energy emanating from your hand, once inside stimulates your abdominal tissue. You can get sensation of heat in the navel. Remember that how a person perceives the world, acts on its physiological processes. published



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