Mark Gungor: people have not learned to say "no" to the wrong things.

One of the first words that the child learns is the word "no." Even a toddler knows what it means, this word part of their vocabulary quite early and then stomping around the house, they repeat "no, no, no."

Even the dog quickly learns that word when it's trained. Nevertheless, although this concept people learn earlier than others and understand it is extremely easy, and many people never learn or don't want to follow it.

We desperately need to bone up on the idea of "NO!» to learn to abandon selfish desires and feelings and act proper in life.


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If you don't learn, your life will become a series of disasters, after which your path is one of destruction.

Parents must teach their children that they are unable to fulfill all their desires. They need to teach them to delay gratification. That two essential skill that you must acquire if you want to live your life as a successful person. Although this is particularly important in many areas of life, it is of critical importance in the field of sex.

I often hear from teenagers and young adults who go on dates, they want to "make things right", but they are difficult to keep clean and not to break certain limits in their relationship. (Part of the problem is caused because they are too long to postpone marriage).

One 17-year-old girl approached me with a request for advice, writing that she and her boyfriend, both of whom are Christians, trying to do everything to "not have sex". They tried to be in public places and not allowed themselves to touch each other for "all the places your bathing suit covers". However, they stumbled and failed to keep in line. They were afraid that all this will end in sex (and by that they meant sexual intercourse), and she wanted to know what to do.

A very long time I was a teenager, and I understand that it's hard when you really love someone- especially when jumping hormones. But most importantly, they overlooked — none of them learned to say "no."

I'm catching on., it's hard to say "no" to what you want. Feelings can be very strong, and the hormones can be very persuasive, but if you do not learn this at an early age, that's when you'll learn? What makes you think that if you can't say "no" to the wrong things and not doing the right thing right now, then you somehow will be able to do all this later?

For example, this pair will continue to follow his path. They will continue to behave relaxed, because it's exciting and this is too difficult to refuse, it is hard to deny their own passions and feelings. A couple of years he will marry and find that there are days when marriage is quite hard.

Perhaps the wife gained some weight after birth, there's a lot of temptation, and then one bad day after an argument he sees a pretty, provocatively dressed woman in the office. She has a beautiful body, bigger Breasts, Meloidae face... whatever. Nothing to be honest, there will always be someone more attractive. Can he now say "no"?

Or maybe she will meet the father of a classmate of his son at a football match and sit next to him on the podium. She finds that because of him her heart begins to beat faster, and his smile very attractive. What happens if he wants to take her by the hand and sympathize with her due to the fact that her husband works all the time and it's never there? Can she say no?

People, nothing magical happens when you put the ring on your finger. When you give the pledge of allegiance at the marriage fairy to shower you with fairy dust. Loyalty is the result of choice, not chance, and if you don't learn to say "no", believe me, you will depend on the will of the case.

At some point everyone needs to say "no" to selfish desires, the wrong things, temptation, your own feelings.

Why, in your opinion, so many people now cheat on their partners? They practice that. Men and women who are 30-40 years old, on your lunch break at work, retire to the intimate pleasures in a secluded place in the office, on the back of a car or meeting in a Motel. And I'm not talking about unbelievers, I'm talking about Christians who while trying to serve God, even though they know they shouldn't, in the end, they tie affair and get divorced, because they never learned to say "no."

Do you know how many hundreds, if not thousands of preachers this year will climb under the skirt of any woman in the Church, and thereby lose everything, destroy his spiritual Ministry, training and development which they have spent years? Why? Because in youth they have not learned to say "no". Do you wish your life turned into a nightmare and a series of outstanding liabilities over the next 60 years due to the fact that you have not learned this?

So, if you don't want to learn it now, then when? When you begin to do in life right? Many parents justify their children's behavior, saying, "Oh, it is beyond their strength! They are young and in love. Too hard to say "no". Hey mom and dad, what will happen when they turn 25, they get married and come running to you in tears due to the fact that the spouse cheated? We wonder why all this is happening? I'll tell you why — because people have not learned to say "no" to the wrong things.

As people of faith, we must do what is right, what God asks us to do, whatever it is, we at any cost, regardless of who that separates us from or with whom it binds us. Yes, it is not easy and usually does not evoke pleasant feelings; painful and hard to leave what you really want. But in the end it will pay off and the reward will outweigh the pain. If you are unable to keep their hands from each other, if you are not able to do the right thing, then you need to end this relationship and walk away.



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Need to slow down...


Learning to say "no", you will build a life you can be proud of 75 years, or you can grief and do not learn this until their second or third marriage, after years of mental suffering. Unfortunately, many people in the age of 50-60 years so it is not learned. They live in the same hole they were many years ago because they never learned.

Instead of living in accordance with God's laws, practicing self-denial and giving up of desires and feelings, they let their passions and desires get out of control and turn her life into a nightmare.

When you learn this? You live right. Say "no" to all false and "Yes" to all the faithful... no matter what you feel about it. published  


Author: Mark Gungor




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