Temporal tapping: disarmingly simple way to tune body, mind and soul

"Temporal tapping" is an ancient technique that was recently rediscovered. Initially it was used in the East for pain, but it is also extremely effective in breaking old habits and simultaneously establishing new ones. Tapping around the temporal bone in early temples and then back around the ear makes the brain more receptive to learning at some time suspending other sensory input.

It also reassures the Triple heater Meridian, because you're tapping in the opposite direction to its natural flow, and that the Triple heater plays a crucial role in the regulation of the habits of your body. Calming the part of the nervous system, which is struggling for the maintenance of your old habits, you can more easily acquire a new habit.

In 1970, the founder of applied kinesiology George goodheart discovered that by tapping along the cranial suture lines you can change the gears that transmits the sensory information. If you are doing auto-suggestion or say affirmations and simultaneously tapped at corresponding points, your mind will be particularly receptive to this. Temporal tapping is also set to the existing differences between the left and right hemispheres of the cerebral cortex.

Because the left hemisphere of the brain in most people is responsible for a critical and skeptical of the setup, the statements expressed negative words, more in tune with his way of functioning and easier to digest them. Such statements "victoriasa" on the left side of the head.

Similarly, since the right hemisphere is extremely sensitive to all the friendly, positive statements "victoriasa" on the right side. People with leading with the left hand all the way around, and you can verify this by conducting an energy test. If you show a strong reaction, tapping a negative statement on the left side, then just follow the instructions above; if your reaction is weak, the change in the indication the words "right" and "left".

Start with what you define a habit, the installation of automatic emotional reaction or state of health that you would like to change. Describe in one sentence the change that you wish to see, in formulating his statement in the present tense as if the desired condition already exists. It doesn't have to be true — rather, it is a statement that you would like to see a reality in the future. For example, you can say, "Subjected to pressure, I remain calm and self-control". Usually helps if you record your statement.

Then again, say it while keeping the same meaning, but using negative words (e.g., "no", "no", "never", etc.) Thus, the words "calmness and composure" can be expressed using negative statements: "I will never be subjected to stress, feeling the pressure." Note that the value remains positive even when using negative words. Another example of the saying: "I'm eating to maintain health and good shape and enjoying my food"; to Express the negative words "I can't eat because of anxiety or obsessive needs". Run time — approximately one minute.


1. Starting with temples, postukivanie on the left side of the head from front to back the three middle fingers of the left hand (see Fig. 48). Express negatively worded statement in the rhythm of the tapping. Postukivanie firmly enough that the contact was solid, and fingers as if bounced off his head. Postukivanie front to back about five times, each time expressing his approval.

2. Repeat the same on the right side, tapping with the right hand, but this time uttering the statement in positive terms.

3. Repeat the procedure several times a day. The more you tap in the affirmation, the faster and stronger it will make an impact on your nervous system habits.

Temporal tapping combines different kinds of powerful items, including repetition, autosuggestion, and neurological reprogramming. This affects not only the brain but also each Meridian, so the message of your intention is transferred to every system of your body. It's a disarmingly simple way to change many patterns that cannot be overcome just by willpower alone.

The Parallels between our physical and emotional difficulties are often simply stunning. Sometimes the "behavior" of the body literally starting to reflect your own behavior.

I will demonstrate this by example. Sometimes I can be difficult to draw a clear line in relations with people. Given the nature of my work, it can become a serious problem. Once, a few years ago, I became very sensitive to infections. Like my thymus gland, responsible for protecting the body from infection, he modeled their behavior, imitating me.

I started "tapping" in the left temple statement: "My thymus gland no longer allows external hostile elements to invade my system" and in the right, "My thymus gland vigilantly maintains strong boundaries that keep out external hostile elements".

Not only did my susceptibility to infections decreased, but improved the ability to set clear boundaries. The superiority of the temporal tapping in the fact that reducing their intention in two short statements, you can sometimes achieve the essence of complicated and confusing relationships between the body, mind and soul.


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Another use of the temporal points associated with them stroking without words and without tapping. It can soothe, and nourish. Place your fingers on your temples on both sides and stroked point, while carrying out a deep breath. When you want to eat something — perhaps to satisfy their insatiable desire, — stroke temporal points on both sides simultaneously, while carrying out a deep breath.

If, for example, you experience an irresistible desire to eat or to give vent to another pernicious habit, stroke your temporal points. Many people feel saturated with this simple procedure, and the desire goes away.published

"Energy medicine" by Donna Eden, David Feinstein


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