Discovered a hidden connection between the immune system and the brain

A new discovery will accelerate research in the brain. Scientists from the University of Virginia found invisible blood vessels, which, in their words, directly connect the brain with the immune system. The discovery could substantially change the treatment of such neurological diseases as autism, Alzheimer's and multiple sclerosis. The study was published in the journal Nature.

The communication between the brain and the immune system still remained a mystery. A new study has shown that the immune system and the brain, like any other tissue in the body connecting lymph vessels.

The discovery was made during research of the meninges of mice – covering brain membranes. A new way of clamping shells has allowed scientists to examine the pattern of blood vessels in the distribution of immune cells. Test showed that the lymphatic vessels.

Lymphatic vessels eluded the eyes of scientists because of its close proximity to blood vessels. Since the investigated area is hard to capture in pictures, the lymph vessels, it was almost impossible to see with standard methods.


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The scientific confirmation of the presence of lymphatic vessels leads to a serious reappraisal of our understanding of the brain and factors influencing diseases. The researchers hope that their discovery will help to find more effective ways to treat Alzheimer's disease where the brain accumulates protein. Perhaps this is due to the failure in operation of vessels.published


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