When you know why I need 2 nuts in the hand, immediately go for them!

We all will certainly help this exercise with nuts! Respect for Eastern medicine and I think this method is a great solution for everyone who from time to time experiences stress.

The more complicated the mechanism of our society, the more we experience stress, daily life does not indulge modern people... Now you know how to relieve stress and calm the nerves just a few minutes. You will need 2 walnut and commitment!

The method will work instantly: we will carry out the massage of palm and walnuts. The shell is so pleasant to touch! This natural material can not be compared with any other massager for acupuncture points.

How to remove stressy our palms are hotspots that are responsible for the functioning of internal organs. Clicking on them, you can get rid of various diseases!

The effectiveness of the exercises with nuts Oriental medicine explains that mental activity is not run by the head and internal organs: the energy lies in the lungs, the mind — heart, spirit — in the liver, will, in the spleen, and the desire to achieve the goal in the kidneys. Between the fingers and the nerves there is a close relationship, because to quick calming down is necessary to do the following exercises.

Exercises for quick relaxation
  1. In each hand take 2 nuts and do them in a circular motion.
  2. Put a nut on the active point located on the inner surface of the wrist in the depression between the tendons, press it with the palm of the other hand and make circular movements with the nut.
  3. Lightly massage the tips of the little fingers with the fingers of the other hand.

Stress and tension occur when the person is not listening to your inner voice, not paying attention to your true feelings. Remember that the source of harmony and balance is already in you!

Each of us is a lone samurai, in the soul which is the place where you can relax and find harmony. Not necessarily to go somewhere, apart from the hardships of life, and to lose yourself in a whirlwind of entertainment. Sometimes to calm enough to just close my eyes and think of something truly wonderful!

Finger exercises with nuts will always help in an emergency situation when you need to calm down. Good idea to wear a pair of nuts in her purse! Check out this technique and make sure you share it with your friends.

The author

Alexander Klimchuk Since childhood, interested in medicine, grew up in a family of doctors. Knows how to make a fancy Breakfast out of nothing, is not afraid to experiment in the kitchen, making pies without flour, low-fat mayonnaise, healthy sweets. Never give up and believes that people are created to help each other! In all its domestic Affairs the assistant to the son Sasha. Alexandra's favorite book — "the Art of loving" by E. Fromm.


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