12 rules of conduct that make us happier

We are all trying to become better: kinder, smarter, stronger. But the main purpose of any work on yourself to become happier. When we were bad, we find it difficult to do good, to learn new things and create wonderful, so always have to start with your health.

The website examined the opinions of psychologists and just happy people and learned how to behave to achieve peace of mind.

Think positive, but realistic

To pamper yourself, but to be able to avoid temptations

To communicate with those who can make us laugh, but give yourself the opportunity to mourn

Do not suppress negative emotions, and redirect them

To help others, but don't exhaust yourself

Take time out when we find it difficult to deal with something right now

To experiment and to stay curious

To analyze yourself, but kindly and with love

To let go of people and things

Work on yourself, but little by little, step by step

Not to demand from yourself to be happy and effective constantly

Not to put boundaries on

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According to the materials 12 Tips for Developing Greater Psychological Health

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