How to return joints youth: home brew, which again will make a flying gait.

Every day, our knees are subjected to enormous loads. It is natural that with age knee joint tendons and ligaments become less flexible and less mobile, there are discomfort and pain when walking.

Due to various negative factors, primarily unhealthy diet, reduced production, and the viscosity of the synovial fluid (lubricant) in the joints, cartilage suffer, and this is a direct road to the arthrosis
As strengthen joints Oat drink , which offers to try «Website» , is useful to anyone who suffers from knee problems. The tool enhances lubricant production at the knees, increases its quantity, improves the elasticity of the ligaments in the joint, which considerably affects the mobility and activity.

In addition, this cocktail is extremely nutritious and has excellent taste so great as a full lunch or dinner.

250 ml of water 50 g of oat flakes 100 ml orange juice 1 tbsp. l. chopped nuts 1 tbsp. l. honey cinnamon to taste

From water and oatmeal prepare porridge Add a fragrant mixture of oatmeal, vzbey all blender.

Cocktail is rich in substances that contribute to the normalization process in the body and is responsible for the production of synovial fluid
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