10 countries where the happiest people live

Here the most beautiful scenery, blue river and free education. And people are very positive and friendly. You think it's a fairy tale? National Geographic has made according to the UN's top ten happiest countries, and Website will gladly tell you about them.


Sweden - one of the Nordic countries, where the level of life satisfaction is very high. The secret to people in this country - in the Swedish tradition of Fick ( Fika ), which means to make a break from work to drink coffee and discuss news and business friends. This break lasts 15 minutes, and satisfied his every 2 hours. By the way, Sweden is one of the largest consumers of coffee.


Australia has very low levels of pollution and a high level of solidarity and sociability of the locals. And to blame for the love of barbecue. The Australian parks often hold paid or free picnics with barbecue to socialize with friends and have fun. But if you do not have Australian friends for a barbecue tour ( BBQ and XXXX Brewery ) - a great chance to make them. And together to visit breweries and try Australian meat dishes.

New Zealand

How can you not be happy when all around you the blue mountains, wildlife and such fabulous views? The low level of contamination and the most diverse fauna make the people of this country really happy.


Residents of the Netherlands are characterized by high physical activity and love for cycling. They are proud of their bike paths for safe travel, the length of which - 30 000 km. Do not forget to hire

Canada bike and bicycle hire a guide when you are in Amsterdam.

One of the biggest countries in the world - a paradise for travelers. The people of this country can boast many beautiful national parks with rocky mountains and wide open spaces. Just look at these kinds of - that's why they

Finland so happy

. All the concerns and problems immediately evaporated in a traditional Finnish sauna. Despite the small population of the country - only 5, 2 million people in Finland, there are 3, 3 million saunas, which are literally everywhere -. From the lake shore to office buildings


Norwegians are proud of their country and nature is very protective of her. It is believed that the ascent to one of the highest mountains under the name Skala takes a person cares. Almost anywhere in the country, wherever you want, you can put up a tent and enjoy the beauty of nature.


Volcanoes, wild beaches, hot springs and gorgeous views - that's what makes people of this country happy. And then do not forget about everything in the world, lying in the warm blue waters and contemplating these types.


The country in which many kinds of chocolate, by definition, can not be unhappy. Residents here only for a healthy lifestyle - they are skiing, kayaking and paragliding are engaged. Therefore, in Switzerland the lowest percentage of obesity.


Denmark is considered the happiest country in the world. And not just because education and health are completely free. Residents are proud of their sense of cohesion even if you do not know, it does not mean that will not be invited for a cup of tea

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