We all my life properly charge the phone

technologies have become part of our lives, and to present themselves quite difficult without a phone, PC or tablet. < Website is aware of this and specially prepared a few tips to help your phone to live happily ever after.

Do not hold the phone included in the charge, if it is already fully charged

I think it's obvious, is not it? And now remember how many times you came up to the charger included phone and found that he had (long ago!) Scored his 100%? This is detrimental to the battery over-voltage.

No need to strive for 100% 96,259,983

Your phone does not need a 100% charge. Battery of this will only make things worse. It is better to leave a small gap and connect the phone to charge when it is possible. It will be enough to not be left without communications.

Charge your phone as soon as possible

The Council is closely linked to the previous one. Do you play games on your phone or scribble SMS - if possible, directly connect to the charger without having to wait until the device starts to signal that it was time to "feed" a true friend

Watch for overheating 11,752,466.

Smartphone Batteries are extremely sensitive to heat. Apple has, for example, is generally recommended to take cover from the phone while it is charging. If after charging your phone is hot, next time try to charge it without the cover. If you are in a sunny location, it is necessary to leave the case to protect the device from direct sunlight.

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