Chinese annealed

Brought a stack of brochures on the work of the Chinese auto industry in the face of the company «Haima». Everything. Work torn to hell.

Excellent printing, glossy paper, good illustrations ... but the text! TEXT !!!

First prize, of course, gets the slogan "explode from the first touch." Immediately after that comes "blinding light accompanies you", yeah.

"It has 150 stores supply the service and products realizirovannye far in Ethiopian and Egypt».

"The peculiar perednestremitelnaya vodokapelnaya zaformirovka body komplektirovannaya lovkodeystvuyuschey front panels, S1 everywhere disclose scientific and technological fashion charm!»

"Bandage 17-cun five polotnish, komplektirovanny project double vent, allow boundless joy of driving explode from the first touch».

"Slim and five-door body spineotvernuty project front edge allow H11 show more sporty!»

"High-quality fashion leisurely limousine»

"Kondensitiruya international project idea the front edge, smooth body and a simple germonichny and kristallokamennaya front big lamp dinamicheskochuvstvitelnaya and fashionable ... FREEMA accompanies you to enjoy plenty of life charm" spotr, energy, peacefulness and serenity »».

"Sokolinoglazaya kristallokamennaya front lamp: svoёobrazny project, and Grace is high, and even at night, which allows you to drive slowly»

"Strong confident sports bar, characteristic among cars of the same class, self mnogokolechatorychazhnaya system rear hovering TTL, project perednenizkogo zadnevysokogo shaft and optimum lateral tilting and enhanced design of the longitudinal beam sechenieizmenyaemoy allow joy of driving involuntarily arisen».

"He is, by quenching quality of the competition in every way to the representation of consumers stremlyaetsya automotive products remarkable design and excellent quality"


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