Masterpieces from Solnechnogorsk

Annealed, annealed for big people in the glorious city of Solnechnogorsk. Let me give you just two examples, but behind the scenes there is still a lot of miracles.
At first. There is in this city a small complex of buildings, which locals have long dubbed "Bastille". And standing there baby store with a very interesting title. Look closely. Nothing confuses?
If you do not mind - so you just never heard of the cartoon Happy Tree Friends. Explain: it is extremely sadistic animated series, full of dissected corpses, torn intestines, brains smeared and other delights. Yes, in each series of these cute little animals are killed by the most sophisticated and sadistic methods such overtones :) Lovely shop for baby, is not it?

Personnel from the cartoon.

And, secondly, another masterpiece of Solnechnogorsk. This babe is standing on the shore of Lake Senezh. Mermaid Mother is calling! That this should symbolize - I have no idea. Ideas have?


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