These 2 things are important to know for anyone with home plastic windows!

Remember, as before, with the onset of cold, we had to hang strips of paper windows, and caulk the joints with foam? Fortunately, this troublesome task can be left far in the past, installing new windows. But often the installers by making the main thing, forget to tell happy owners of new windows on two important things, and now the Website will tell which ones.

< 1. Regularly lubricate all moving parts with oil fittings. The procedure should be repeated 1-2 times a year, flooding the normal engine oil.

< 2. When changing seasons of the window shall be transferred to the summer and winter mode.

How to adjust the plastic box Almost all modern design can be adjusted. To verify that the hardware is transferred to another mode, just look at the special cams (pins) located on the side of the sash.


Photo source: Marketium.ruFurnitura translated using special cams (pins) located on the side flap. When the eccentrics are holes for hex key, stars, eccentric screwdriver or has an oval shape, this kind of hardware is likely to have the opportunity to transfer in the summer or winter mode. But the possibility of switching is better to clarify before the installation of windows.

To switch the window mode, simply turn using an appropriate tool all the pins on the leaf (the larger the window size, the greater their number) to the desired position.


If the flap is always in the winter time, this leads to an additional load on the sealing gum, and it wears out faster. You can easily check your own window mode. Clamp sash ordinary sheet of paper, if it can be easily removed, the window is in summer mode

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