10 reasons to smear the paste not only the teeth! That's for sure come in handy everywhere ...

Surprisingly, a simple tube of toothpaste can really make life easier and better! Through microscopic abrasive particles in the composition of paste of teeth range of applications of this product is considerably wider than we are accustomed to thinking.

Eliminate odor (garlic, fish ...). ff4d57d27d.jpg

It helps to quickly remove the swelling and bruising. 72a41c6094.jpg

Copes with dirt on carpets 598c3a8ab4.jpg

It eliminates stains remaining after hair dyeing. 24023026c4.jpg

It strengthens and polishes nails 7aa8b0e14d.jpg

It helps to get rid of small scratches on the phone screen. b02c25b189.jpg

Successfully fighting with black dots and acne. c08f886baa.jpg

It cleans traces of the pen. d80f5cc750.jpg

Neutralizes odor resistant, ingrained in the walls of plastic containers. 428a0e6a74.jpg

Polished to a shine chrome surfaces 6baf51da86.jpg

Convincing selection, is not it? Definitely worth using. Surely you know the couple more unexpected ways to use toothpaste, share them!


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