20 really shocking facts about the human body, is not recommended too impressionable people

It's your own body, you want to know everything about him, is not it? After all, in order and there are medical encyclopedia, to be able to make up for the lack of information? be172409bc.jpg

David-humanbodysystems.weebly.comOdnako there are some medical details and diseases, learning about that, you decide that you could very well do without this information.

And today Website to tell it about these.

< 1. Nearly every fluid in your body to some extent composed of blood. Your tears, milk, sweat - all this blood

2 Melanomas may be small and pale, and on the unprofessional opinion sometimes seem simple freckles... However, some species are the most melanomas lethal of all cancers. Health Check.

< 3. If your stomach wall cells were not restored permanently, you would have digested themselves.

< 4. In eyelashes and facial pores of most adults living microscopic demodex mites and feed on dead skin cells.

5. If you get hit in the chest at a certain point at a certain point in time can occur heart concussion. Such an attack is delayed heart rate (heart rate interrupts). So yes, you can die from a blow to the chest.

< 6. a huge number of micro-organisms living inside the human body. For a long time it was thought that the number of microbes is ten times the number of cells, but recent studies have shown that their ratio is approximately equal.

< 7. Due to the action of the enzyme telomerase your cells become immortal, but it practically ceases to be produced after birth. Cancer cells can reactivate its production to divide indefinitely

8 If you are not lucky, then your brain may be proteins having the wrong structure -.., Prions. Under their influence the other proteins can also change the structure of, and then you die (after go mad).

< 9. Due to the special nature of the blood supply to the human nose and surrounding area, retrograde infection of the nasal area can spread to the brain. In simple language: theoretically, squeezing pimple on the nose can kill you

10 Our body produces about two liters of saliva a day

11. <... / from your body lives more bacteria and other microorganisms than people on the entire planet.

12. The birth after death if the gases inside the dead fetus of a pregnant woman is pushed out ( of course, also dead).

13. Every minute your body produces cancer cells. However, their appearance does not cause cancer, because your immune system destroys them.

< 14. Your eye is not recognized by your body as its own body. In other words, if there was no barrier, which protects the eyes from the immune system, your white blood cells to attack him. Scientifically speaking, your eye has immune privilege.

< 15. Lazarus reflex observed in recently dead people, when the brain is dead, and some of the organs and nerves even provided with oxygen. The dead man can raise his hands and put them on his chest, like Egyptian mummies.

< 16. aneurysms or expansion vessel can kill you quite unexpectedly for a few seconds. Even if you are young and healthy.

< 17. The internal decapitation, also known as the orthopedic decapitation. Skull like "removed" from the spine, but everything else remains intact. Causes instant death in 70% of cases

18 The only way to feel any smell -.. The molecules of the object must come into contact with the inner surface of your nose. I mean, yes, your worst fears are confirmed.

< 19. Kal newborn infant feces is not considered. It is called meconium and consists of ingested while being inside the uterus hairs, cilia, skin cells, and the like.

< 20. During the transplant kidney is not broken is usually removed, and as a result you actually remain three buds

21 a dermoid cyst -.. cyst, within which contains the hair, the hair follicles and sebaceous glands. Sometimes it may also be teeth, eyes and other body parts.

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