Scientists have found that mosquitoes love these 4 types of people


Each of us can find friends who love especially mosquitoes. It attracts insects, just like valerian cats!

It turns out that this is the explanation. Health experts believe that mosquitoes actually prefer certain types of people. Here are 4 factors, due to which we may become a lure for mosquitoes:

1. Pregnancy 835d233189.jpg

Mosquitoes attracted to the smell of carbon dioxide produced by humans during respiration. Pregnant women exhale it anymore, so special attention to them.

It is worth considering, as the mosquito-borne Zika virus can become a threat to the baby during the infection during pregnancy.

2. Sports 166021094b.jpg

After jogging street do not be surprised active mosquito bites. This is because the insects attracted lactic acid. It is actively produced in the muscles during exercise, and mosquitoes adore her.

3. Alcohol consumption 43e819e33e.jpg

Experts say that after taking intoxicating drinks, we are more attractive to mosquitoes. Alcohol raises our body temperature, and blood-suckers are targeting the "cushy┬╗.

4. I blood d5896facf5.jpg

According to studies, the probability that a mosquito will bite a person with I blood group is 83%. Least of all at risk of mosquito attacks people with blood group II.

So if you are in a risk group, stocked protective equipment and keep the mosquitoes at bay!

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