6 Tips from the Harvard psychologists parenting

Many parents are already tired of hearing about that modern technology spoiling their children. With all the websites they poured streams of information about the latest methods and strategies for education in the digital age. However, as far neither has come to progress, there are several time-tested simple truths that will help grow a full, good, confident and mentally healthy child.

< Website is sharing with you 6 wise and these simple tips Harvard scientists to raise their children.

1. Spend time with your children

This is the basis of all Regularly spending time with children, take an interest in their affairs and problems, and most importantly. - listen carefully to their responses. You will not only learn about the individual characteristics of your child, and show him how to take care of another person.

2. Always tell your child what it means for you

According to research by psychologists Many children do not know that they are the most important thing in the lives of parents. They just need to hear these words So do not forget to talk to their children more often -. So they will feel more confident

3.. Show how to solve problems, not run away from them

For example, if the child has decided to quit football, ask him to explain why exactly he wants to do it and what obligations it has for the team (a joint game, general training, etc.). Then, if he still decides to leave, help him with this question.

4. Daily accustom to help and to be grateful for the assistance

The study showed that people who are used to express gratitude, more inclined to compassion, it is easier to forgive, they are generous and love to help. It is therefore important to come up with the child daily list of Home Affairs, for which it is necessary to thank for all day. Psychologists also recommend that parents reward children only for exceptional acts of kindness and diligence.

5. Help your child to cope with negative emotions

Psychologists say that the ability to take care of suppressed negative emotions such as anger, rage, shame and envy. Helping children to recognize these feelings and parents are pushing them to resolve the internal conflict. With such a self-examination to begin their long journey to becoming indifferent to caring people. It is also important to establish a reasonable framework of psychological safety.

6. Show them that the world is much more than meets

According to research by psychologists, almost all children interested in only a narrow circle of family and friends. < It is important that they are also interested in people outside of this range, which differ from their social, cultural and even geographical You can help them in this:. Learn to be a good listener who is able to put yourself in the other person and can feel empathy through touching movies, photos and news.

At the end of psychologists assure us: «Education polite, caring and moral of the child - hard work. But this is exactly what can make each of us. And no job in the world can not be compared with this most important and priceless rewards. »

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