In the 20-25 years food dead food leads to the fact that the human body is 20-25% cells are replaced by cells of protozoa (fungi, Trichomonas, germs and bacteria).

The man destroyed teeth, stops the growth, hair loss begins. At the age of 40-50 years in humans microbes captured 44-50% of the cells of human tissues. There is an assumption that when the microbes to capture 50% of the body cells of human heart problems occur, there may be a variety of inflammation, cancer or diabetes. At this point, a person accumulates a variety of diseases, and he slowly begins to "kill" your liver various drugs.

When microbes capture 60% of the body diagnosed AIDS. Kogdamikroby in the body in the human body capture 66% of the cells that occurs in 60-75 years, the body loses its ability to resist, irreversible processes and people die.

When the simplest capture the human body, there is a taste perversion. When a person wants milk, herring, meat, sweets, tea, coffee, then it really is not talking about his true desires, and of the capture of the body by microbes and parasites. Because the human body, all these products are not necessary. He needs a small amount of raw food that will not cause food leukocytosis.

Cooked food becomes food for bacteria and parasites that enter the human body by feeding boiled and dead food. According to scientists in the human body can live up to 900 000 species of microbes.
Eat natural, tasty and good luck!


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