Smart pedestrian. The history of life, which is the pride of our children

They say children with each generation becoming more reasonable and can often apply to adults a wonderful example. < Website publish the story, which is shared with us one of the users Peekaboo community.

Bankoboev.ruEst in our town pedestrian crossing in the central market. There is constantly a mess, when there is red, there is no movement, and a huge crowd of people start to cross the road. But the fact is that for drivers More green lights! Just isolation there is such a little crazy and I'm still not clear.

The observed pattern today. Grandmother and grandchildren, who five years, runs a pedestrian crossing to catch the green. But the warning flashes when they were five meters up the road.

Next, a dialogue between a grandmother (B) and grandson (B)

B:. SASHA! Come soon! Send

B:! (absolutely calm voice) Grandma, I'm not going. Do not you see the red light is lit

B:? Sasha fucking gone! ! Everybody out transition

B: Ba you if you want to go, and I'll wait for the green. And Lisa is not comin to red.

Sasha snatched the hand from Grandma, and took his little sister by the hand.

Grandma still something nagged, but could not be heard because of the noise. But in the end they crossed the road only green light.



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