How to choose a watermelon: 6 Simple and true signs of maturity

Watermelon - the long-awaited and well-liked summer attribute. However, the tricky science to choose the ripest of them have a few. Today Website shares the secret of how to select the most ripe and delicious fruit! Here are 6 characteristics that need to pay attention in the first place.

Newpix.ruPo size should be wary of huge watermelons. Unfortunately, our climate is not conducive to the cultivation of giant sized fruit fields. Consequently, there is a high probability that these melons were artificially podkormleny fertilizers.

In macular This feature is a great sign of a ripe fruit. The yellow spots, the tastier and sweeter melon you selected.

By gender Few people know, but watermelon can be distinguished by gender. "Boys" - larger and more elongated, and the "girls" - a smaller and slightly flattened. "Girls." - A sweet

to knock ripe fruit often produces a hollow sound when tapped. It is also to check on the ripeness of the watermelon should be compressed from two sides. If the fetus is a little crackle, so it is ripe and ready to eat.

In Yellow dry ponytail tail is an excellent indicator of fruit maturity. Green, on the contrary, suggests that watermelon was frustrated early.

On Cork smell watermelon should exude a distinct fresh scent. If it does not smell at all, it means that a watermelon was likely not naturally grown.



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