It turns out that travel bring us more happiness than material goods

Why do we fast rush to the store as soon as we have money? With each new acquisition, we feel happier, but a few days later by the same joy no trace remains. < Website has decided to look into this difficult issue, once and for all to understand, where we look for happiness.

It turns out that the main enemy of our happiness - it's a habit. Once the purchase is becoming ordinary, life satisfaction falls to us and we have to run for the next acquisition. And so over and over again.

However, studies at Cornell University to break this vicious circle. Professor of Psychology Thomas Dzhilovich (Thomas Gilovich) proved that we are experiencing the same rush of happiness as in buying anything desired, and while traveling. And most importantly - with time the level of pleasure associated with the acquisition, falls, and the impressions of the adventures continue to provide us with the hormones of happiness for a long time.

Visiting various activities, trips, learning new skills, as well as extreme experience - all this is the perfect supply of happiness for each of us. The new gadget or even a car will eventually become habitual or obsolete, and every new remembrance will be the source of this joy which will stay with us for a lifetime.

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