8 tricks in makeup with which you will look perfect

Each girl is worried about how she looks. And there is always something in appearance, that she would like to change. For example, reduce the nose, enlarge lips or get rid of black circles under the eyes. Well, that does not necessarily lie on the operating table! To create the ideal image is enough to arm a suitable make-up and spend some time.

< Website gathered tricks for you to help you to change what you want.

As visually make the face smaller

Konturing - one of the most effective ways to create the perfect shape of the face. To start, you need to apply foundation (two shades darker than the skin) on the forehead and on the sides of the cheekbone just below the protruding bone - it will create the effect of "hollow cheeks". Highlighter highlight the middle of the forehead, around the eyes from the temple to the nose and the middle of the chin. All carefully blend.

How narrow the wide nose

If you want to narrow the wide nose, there is a simple and fast way, which will solve this problem. First contour powder dark color draws the two straight lines on the lateral surfaces of the nose tip of the nose is also darken. The lighter shade (one tone lighter skin) powder put on the back of the nose and all carefully shaded. This technique helps to correct various forms of the nose.

How to hide dark circles under the eyes

To hide the signs of lack of sleep on the face, use concealer. It is applied in the direction from the outer corner of the eye to the inner, while capturing the only problem area. Concealer should be applied not points, and strokes. Before shading makeup warm the fingers - so the procedure will be easier and better

How do forehead less

. Hide broad forehead using makeup is quite simple. To do this you will need a brush, sponge and powder a few shades darker than your skin. Powder coat the temporal hollows and forehead region closer to the edge of the hair, then gently smudge tool, avoiding abrupt changes.

How to visually enlarge the eyebrows

< br> To increase the eyebrows and give them the perfect look, pick up a pencil or a special shade and emphasize the lower and upper limit of the eyebrows. Do not stain from the beginning of growth eyebrows, and retreated a little sideways. Shade white space between the lines and apply concealer under the lower limit of the eyebrows.

How to make your eyes more than

The small, deep-set eyes can be more visible and attractive by using the correct application of the shadows. The most important thing - add a little more color on the middle part of the upper eyelid. So you focus precisely on this point, from which you can carry out smooth and lighter line along the upper eyelid.

How to increase the thin lips

To give the lips volume, lighten the middle part of the white lip pencil and then trace the lip pencil under the color of lipstick or gloss. Use your fingertips to blend white pencil on the center of the lips, making the colors more subdued. At the end of nakraste lip gloss.

How to hide the flaws on your face

To hide the acne and pimples on the face, apply a little cream inflamed site and gently rub into the skin, and when it dries, powder the face. Another way - to use for application to the inflamed areas foundation (multicolor offset) of greenish color. Such a cream color visually neutralizes redness, and they will become less noticeable. Also, do not use light blush pink tones. If you can not do without them - stop on the light brown shades

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