26 great ideas for the home and garden. I have not seen anything better!

< Interesting ideas for home - my favorite topic! It seems to consider photos with examples of unusual design solutions can be an eternity ...

Today «Website» has found excellent examples of cinder blocks and wooden pallets in the interior for you. I hope you appreciate the beauty and want to show your friends! Cinder blocks - a budget material, and do things like that is realistic

ideas for home and garden
Bookshelves cinder block.? Here you go, it's brilliant! 31855c2f7a.jpg

Convenient Stand for firewood. 61de19a42c.jpg

Bed on the basis of cinder blocks. 7fde18d21a.jpg

The idea for the decoration of flower beds in the country. Wow! 70d74d483a.jpg

Festive decorations using cinder blocks! 89aeddb45f.jpg

The bench, which is very easy to do! 5081ecd974.jpg

The bar-table made of cinder block, why not ... e4d5f70492.jpg

It is necessary to make the country a place for the fire! 1d805a3c7b.jpg

Flat wooden pallets! Great idea for the home theater. a8d8de726f.jpg

Chair-in wardrobe. 1dc923e7d8.jpg

Another great version of the bar table, like so arrange! ed269fedb8.jpg

So you can use cinder blocks constantly! Indispensable on a picnic. a22ee613e4.jpg

Durable and beautiful shelves. 2d96eb83d1.jpg

Want to be in this place right now ... 4c9ed353ed.jpg

Table of cinder blocks and wooden pallets looks representatively. 08958a305a.jpg

Stylish sofa. At first glance it is unclear from which it is made ... 25af07fd30.jpg

Sofa bench at the house of cinder blocks. 1b84315598.jpg

A delightful bed! 459686bed4.jpg

A very bright idea. b635962434.jpg

Rack equipment cinder block! 13e626e395.jpg

Zagljadenie same! The idea for the garden day after day does not go out of my head. 3c7a82cf13.jpg

Stand for flowerpots. 19c367f4e8.jpg

Here's how to make a greenhouse out of cinder blocks! d36f086431.jpg

Gorgeous place to relax happen ... c8080df177.jpg

The beds of breeze blocks. f2a01ccc6f.jpg

Here is a visual guide that shows what to do such a thing is not difficult! e51d55d940.jpg

These ideas for suburban area and the house I conquered! That's what the ingenuity ... If you share my opinion, tell this story to your friends!


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