How to use turmeric for hair care at home. Recipes masks to enhance hair growth and nutrition

Women of the East, permanently beautiful hair, because they are used for the care of hair - turmeric

. Turmeric - a unique spice to their properties, are applied not only in the kitchen but also in cosmetics. Turmeric called "Indian saffron", as it is also able to be painted yellow, but in fact - is a type of ginger

Turmeric Hair

. Turmeric contains iron, iodine, calcium, and a variety of vitamins such as C, B, C. In addition, it contains valuable antioxidants. Ancient Indian turmeric doctors treated many diseases. And now it is an effective remedy for coughs, colds, sprains, metabolic disorders.

< Turmeric in cosmetics

In cosmetology turmeric excellent established itself as a warming, stimulating the blood circulation and nutrient agent.

Turmeric is used for hair removal, so successfully used for their nutrition and strengthen. To prepare the masks turmeric is diluted with warm water to a paste state, or mixed with oil.

Excellent effect on the hair has olive, almond and coconut oil, but you can use others. The mask is applied to the roots and left for at least half an hour. If you wrap your head with a scarf or towel, then the mask will work faster and more efficiently

Hair masks with turmeric:. Recipes

1. Depending on the desired effect, turmeric may be mixed with other products. For example, a fruit: chopped apple, banana, orange juice

Mask for hair with turmeric

. Gain valuable elixir should be gently rub into the roots and leave for twenty minutes. After any hair mask with turmeric is desirable to wash the shampoo because it can stain them.

For the same reason, the mask is better to do in advance of important events.
2. If the hair was falling out, turmeric powder can be mixed with onion puree, egg yolk and ground red pepper. You can use all the components at once, or limit yourself to two or three. Just keep in mind that the onion smell washed off and interrupted very difficult.

3. To shine effective mask of turmeric, honey and milk. In all cases, the proportions should be adjusted to the eye, but the roots usually sufficient tablespoon about each component. Keep the mask on your hair must also be at least 20-30 minutes.

Turmeric not only nourishes and strengthens hair roots, but also soothes irritation, removes dandruff, gives luster and strength. In addition, this spice - very affordable and easy to prepare means for hair care

. In this video, you will get the answer to the question, what is so useful turmeric: its medicinal properties

. Your hair may be chic! And yet, this spice is used as a mask to cleanse and rejuvenate the skin: more. Use this tool to mask!


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