Photography of daily life in US

I present to you another collection of interesting photos of everyday life of people in different countries, this time to go to the United States. Previously, we have seen virtually the lives of people in poor countries, it is time to visit the well-fed and America.

US Area is 9, 5 million sq km (4th in the world), the population - 325 million people (2015 estimate; 3rd place in the world). The United States has a federal form of devices, administrative divided into 50 states and the District of Columbia, their control is also a number of island territories. Capital - the city of Washington. Residents of the United States called the Americans, and the US itself is the common name of America. United States border with Canada to the north, in the south - with Mexico, also have a maritime border with Russia. By the Pacific Ocean to the west, the Atlantic Ocean - from the east and the Arctic Ocean - the north

. These pictures are taken by different photographers in different states, the majority -. In June-July 2016 in New York


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