5 tips for those who does not tolerate heat

1. Do not drink cold water

It does not quench thirst, it takes off after five minutes with sweat, taking with them the salt. Drink unsweetened tea or kvass. About sweet soda all is clear: the more you drink, the more I want to

. 2. If you leave the house in the heat, do not make sudden movements

Behave with dignity go smoothly move along the shady side of the street. Always. And the main thing. If you have somewhere to go in the heat, then after each trip, after each walk wash the feet and ankles with cool water. There's a bunch of biologically active points, it is nice and helpful.

3. Ice tea - it's good

Brew of weak green tea per liter (any will fit). When it cools down, to throw a little honey, lemon and mint. It is drunk with ice. Not only tasty, but also useful.

4. Make "antisharf" ( "Japanese air conditioner┬╗)

In Japanese prints or Japanese cinema can often see people in white scarves around the neck. That he is. Brilliant stuff. Just try it. Takes pure white handkerchief soaked in cold water, tied at the neck. When the handkerchief dry, soak again. Facilitates the effect is just a couple of minutes.

5. If possible, divide in half sleep

Arrange a siesta during the hottest hours. And, of course, no alcohol in the sun.

It was good advice, which I have long since learned from her grandmother, and she, by the way, lived for 92 years old. Take care of yourself and stay healthy! Behave wisely and summer seem like a fairy tale. ;)


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